New Year, New Mindset!

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 just started, but my mind is already running, trying to work out some ideas to improve everything around me.. yeah, last year was pretty good except for the end of it which was a bit harder, so this year i’m deciding this is going to be a good one, each month, every month.

I have a few sketched plans made for the year, from what to read and what to do with my free time, to what to blog…

As one of my resolutions for the year is to write at least three times a week i’ve been thinking about what can i write about, i came up with some interesting ideas on how to manage the blog, i hope you’ll enjoy the new dynamics it’ll have.

As for what i’ll do in my free time, i’m planning on taking my health more seriously, people say healthy mind, healthy body… so i’ll start eating more real food instead of instant one, i’ll work out more and take my meds as it’s needed so i’ll be as healthy as possible.

This year i decided i won’t be challening myself in goodreads, mostly because i’m not sure if i’ll be studying or not, and also because i bought some huge books last year and it may take me a while to get through them i don’t want to have to ‘run’ to get to the goal… i don’t want to push myself too much…Maybe later in the year if i know where i’m heading i may set a challenge…

I don’t want to be pressured this year, at least not as long as i don’t have to, i mean… yeah, if i start studying, finally, i may have some pressure, but right now not there’s no reason at all and i want a free and healthy mind as long as possible…

I hope you have some good and possitive resolutions for yourself! Also, i hope you enjoy the start of the year with the people you love, wish you happiness and health…

I’ll leave now, because my back hurts like hell, so i’ll go rest a bit…

Have A Great Start Of The Year!

‘Til Next Time 😉


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