Wrapping Up 2015

Another year is coming to an end, and oh wow, this was a heck of an year.

For started, back in the first week of the year i published here my first entry, then i didn’t even know what to do with this blog, i mean i had some ideas but i although i put some of them in words, my mind was pretty vague.

Any way, since then i started posting more frecuently and next year i hope will be even better. <fingers crossed>.

I started this year with only one goal, maybe two… I wanted to read 50 books, then i changed it for 100 when i saw i was in a good reading place, since then i managed this:tumblr_nveyloYHXu1uhggrro9_250 - עותק

Which is awesome, i read way more than i expected at first. Also, this year i found so many great books, new ones and a little older that i haven’t read, and it was incredible.

Somehow i managed to buy more than 100 books (obviously, because only in November i bought about 37), and i’m hoping i’ll get to many of them next year, meaning already tomorrow.

Sadly i didn’t get to some of the books i was planning to; The Ask and the Answer, Monsters of Men, The Magicians & We Are Completely Beside Ourselves. But really, i got to some of the best i’ve read anyway. It was real fun.

Apart of books […] i got to some really great stuff, back in August i got to travel to London all by myself, and it was epic, i visited so many places!


Greenwich, museums, churches, Shakespeare’s Globe, a Lord of the dance show, i saw [finally!!] the change of guard at Buckingham Palace!, i went to an event where i got to meet in person David Levithan (one of my favorite authors!!), Lisa Williamson and Louise O’Neill!

I also visited The Making Of Harry Potter ! and travelled by train to Cardiff where i went to The Doctor Who Experience



Man, i enjoyed every second of my visit to England. It was the best trip  ever [i’m already planning my next trip there].

IMG_6306Wow, i’m completely forgetting to talk about  the most important thing!! I adopted a beautiful dog back in March [like, how could i forget?! he is nagging me to go out right this moment!], my sister and I adopted this cutie we called Chobi, he was born in February and we got him from his mom’s owner, with whom we are still in touch.

Anyhow… let’s keep moving…

Oh! I almost forgot the Cirque Du Soleil! I saw the show in July and it was amazing, next year if they come i’ll be (again) in the first row to see them!

As for tv shows and anime watched; i started watching some great shows this year; Air Crash Investigation (XD), Sleepy Hollow, The Librarians, Tokyo Ghoul, Terror in Resonance, Sense8, Heroes (one of my favorite shows ever) Reborn, iZombie, Fresh Off The Boat, Mr. Robot… Digimon got back! (which reminds me i haven’t talked about it since March or April…) and the new Detective Conan movie !

Yep, i had a busy with nonsense year, also thin kabout the fact that Sleepy Hollow and The Librarians i saw twice, The Big Bang Theory got the same treat this year … isaw it all twice in a row. Currently i’m rewatching another of my favorites, The Office.

So, anyhow… although the past week was a difficult one i spent mostly in bed, most of the year was spent in a great capacity, for what concerns me.

Next year i’m looking forward to some really good looking books, my TBR list stands with about 372 books right now, the premiere of Shadowhunters (!) of which i’ll be talking about the moment it happens! the Cirque Du Soleil as i said before, some  book to movie adaptations, start my Biotechnology studies (i hope) and finding a  new (and better) job!

I hope your year was good and the next one even better! For all our dreams to come true, to have hope and believe in ourselves even more!

Thank you so much for everything,  for been there, for reading what i had to say and i hope to see you next year! I hope you all start 2016 the best way possible.

My best wishes to yo and all my love,



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