ASAP reads of 2016

2015 is coming to an end, which means we are getting closer and closer to the 2016 books’ releases! since this year i started to experience the joy of reading the books the year they are actually released, i made my ASAP list for the books i have to read the moment they come out! [yeah, before 2015 i couldn’t afford the satisfaction of buying books online so i could get them when they were published in English.. never again!]


Description [HERE]

So, i started reading the trilogy this year, and although i haven’t read yet the second book […] i know i’ll be reading this baby as soon as it sees the light of day, obviously i’ll catch up with the Half Wild still these last few days of the year or already in 2016, i’m not quite sure yet, i haven’t been reading this month so i don’t know what i’ll be doing until the end of the year … but yeah …

26252859Description [HERE]

New series by a favorite author of mine?! heck yeah! of course i’ll be reading any books uncle Rick will release until he doesn’t write anymore! This series (will it be a trilogy? will it have five books as the other greek’s books?) is about Apollo (my favorite greek god) as a young human, what is there not to love? I’m so psyched about this one, i can’t keep waiting anymore.



If we’re talking about books by Rick Riordan, and if i said i’ll read anything and everything he writes, it’s pretty obvious that i’ll be reading the second book on the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series – The Hammer of Thor too, i loved the first book so much! this man knows how to write adventures!




Description [HERE]

After reading the first three books of the quartet (?) this year, these books became an obsession of mine and they are of my favorite books ever, i’m waiting for this one last book with such intensity, it’s burning me inside out. Also, i love the covers of these books so much, they are so so so pretty, i want them tattooed on my skin, look how pretty this is! isn’t it?


25494343Description [HERE]

Since ‘The Mortal Instruments’ is one of my favorite series, i’ll be giving this trilogy (or at least i think it’s a trilogy) ‘The Dark Artifices’ a chance, although i didn’t enjoyed ‘The Infernal Devices’ as much as TMI, so i’m a little scared of this one… anyone, of course i’ll get it asap, even if only to say ‘there i tried’, … i think the characters that were presented on City of Heavenly Fire were pretty great, so i guess, there’s no reason for me not to love it, right?


20983362Description [HERE]

So, i haven’t read Darkest Minds(although i tried, i really did), so i decided i’ll start by this one, and then if i like the way the author writes, i’ll give it another chance to that trilogy, as i did with Patrick Ness and The Knife Of Never Letting Go.




Description [HERE]

This book caught my eye the moment i started reading the description, it seems so interesting, i can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of it..




22297294Description [HERE]

While checking the lists of books coming out next year i spotted this baby, waiting for me… it seems to be a nice story, i hope it doesn’t breaks my heart at some point, i’m really scared of contemporary YAs, because they always do it, but i don’t know, the colors in the cover and the name of the book called me, i just really need to read this book..


25526965Description [HERE]

YES, my baby is back! (no, i don’t mean Stephen King, i mean Brady), after falling for the antagonist of the book in Mr.Mercedes, i’m so anxious to see how it all ends up in this book, i love the characters (all of them so much) and reading the first book of this trilogy got me into [planning on] reading Stephen King, although that’s a bit slow right now, i’ll do it. Eventually…


Description [HERE]

I have no idea, this book just caught my eye, and now i know i have to read it… it’s just that… i just really need it.




Description [HERE]

Okay, so i’ve been looking for this kind of book for ages, i thought about trying reading the Jodi Picoult book about the issue, Nineteen Minutes, but i wasn’t sure, and this one seems to be very interesting and on point (or at least it seems like it). I’ve already pre-ordered it.


Well, that’s all! these are the books i’m really hoping to read as soon as possible next year! I hope you check them out and maybe find one of your liking too 😀

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