Would you write it?

This year i’ve read more books than ever before, and it feels great, i found many amazing books. The problem is, along with all those great books i also found some that weren’t that great, actually some of them were simply terrible.

While some of the books i didn’t like i just dropped because i couldn’t stand them, some i did finish, and even though i didn’t enjoy them, they made me think quite a lot.

When books make me think this much i tend to want to write about them, and that’s what i do everytime an amazing book inspires me.

But what should i do with the inspiration i get from bad books?

This is a problem i’ve been thinking about a lot lately, because although i feel i wasted time reading those books i have so much to say about them…

What could be wrong with a bad review? you’ll say, and well, i’m a person that really can’t come and start saying bad things about something or someone without feeling realy bad about it, so i find myself in this kind of conundrum(y) situation, where i really want to say what i’m thinking but i wouldn’t feel right with myself because of it…

Also, some place i read or heard about this one author (i can’t remember the name) who stalked a reader because she wrote a bad review of the book, which i find super creepy, like, seriously, what’s wrong with this person.

Okay, so i’m pretty sure no author could find me, mostly because i live so far away from everything, but the fact that someone could find my words to be rude, i can’t stand it. I don’t like being rude, do you know the quote “don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you” ? well, i live by that, i would never do to anyone something i would be hurt by.

While i know it may sound weird, i really believe in that, like, okay.. if i were to write a book i would want people to enjoy it, i mean… i understand that it’s impossible for every single person in the world to like the same thing, heck, i wonder if all those bestsellers are really so good or it is just people following those who said it’s a good book… but when the book isn’t that great, you know, someone worked hard on it anyway… someone give it time and cared enough about it, i just can’t be rude…

But then again, i wonder if i’m not just thinking this things too much? like, who would even read or care about my view on the book/series/show/movie really? The internet is so full of opinions and such, what gives someone will precisely care about what i have to say about anything?

Anyway… would you write a bad review? … do you think it is as important as writing a good review? because, when really thinking about it, yeah, i like to recommend good books, but also, isn’t it important to tell people when you don’t think a book is worth their time?

‘Til next time! 😉


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