Unfinished…*a tale that wasn’t*

A while ago i started writing a post about something weird that happened in my apartment, or jus to me… The actual plan was to talk baolut why i love watching horror movies so much, the rest of what i wrote was nothing like that and then i just dropped the whole idea of writing it because it felt not reliable at all…

A few days ago i was talking with my sister about our dog and we were discussing the fact that he barks a lot, when she told me that a friend of hers commented on it.  Apparently this gal told her we may have a ghost and our dog is just barking at it.

Okay, first of all, i believe in a bunch of stuff [aliens, ghosts, bad mojo, hoodoo, whatever you want] and yet, for some reason that sounded stupid even to me. But she keep insisting we may have something in here with us, which reminded me a while ago i thought i saw a shadow passing through the hallway.. I did mention it to my friend coworker and she dismissed me saying i was imagining things. Truth be told, i’ve been known for my psychotic depression but i’m now medicated… so in theory it shouldn’t be happening, unless those things are real.

So, we kept talking about weird stuff happening, when we remembered a house we used to live in a while ago, where things were happening, and i mean, she saw stuff, i saw stuff [almost in  a daily basis] that house was haunted for sure, not a bad haunting, but there was something. Most likely the deceased owner’s husband.. If you are wondering why i decided it was him, well this appearance liked to stand just under the place where his belongings were kept..

In retrospective maybe he was waiting for someone to get close so he could ask them to get his stuff from the attic, poor guy never had a chance, i learned early enough to keep all doors closed at home, “out of sight, out of mind”.. only not really, because whenever i wasn’t home my parents would open doors and i’ll be back later to find the ghostly appearance waiting in place…

Weird thing be told, it could be there at any hour.. it wasn’t a nightish scary appearance, the guy was persistent.

I know it sounds fictional and all, mostly because i’m more crazy than not and as my coworker will say “it’s all dellusions” (she also says it about God), and it may be, nor not.. i’m just telling what was kept in my memory.

Anyway… either i really had some weird dellusions, or like Jenny Mills i was wrongly treated and my sister is a witness of the apocalypse… which would be rich because i’m pretty sure she doesn’t even know there will be witnesses… my family isn’t very strong in religion, me neither actually, but th apocalypse is something i got interested on one summer i couldn’t sleep because i was sure that if i slept i would die.

So, this went a complete different way from what i wanted, so i’ll leave it like this for now, if you want some more weird anecdotes, tell me i have tons.

‘Til next time 😉


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