Book Buying Ban Month.

As i commented previously in [HERE] last month was a wild month of buying books, not everyday but several times each week. To be honest the idea sounds really fun, and it’s pretty awesome to have new books every week, but at the end of the month when recounting how many books i purchased in 30 days i felt a bit guilty.

I talked about this with a friend, actually my friend because she is the only one i have, which is great because I’m not overload with people to talk and such so my time is pretty much all mine, who told me it’s becoming a little of a problem to buy so many books [“where do you put 35 new books?” “Some of them are in my iPad” “how many are there then?” “About 20? Idk”*friend rolls eyes*”why do you even buy kindle editions, those aren’t even real books!” “Of course they are! And would you rather I’ll have another 15 books around?!”].

Anyway, she made me promise i won’t be buying any books this month so the *universe can rearrange itself* ok, whatever.

Funny thing she told me this by the 30th and i had just finish reading The Knife of Never Letting Go so i went quickly to amazon and bought the other two books of the trilogy .., i know it’s kind of cheating, but I’m not planning on ending the year without finishing the trilogy. [life may get in the middle of my plans, i hope not].

I know, this is going to be extremely difficult, because books are so precious to me, but i’m starting to think people are right, i do have a problem… only now it’s getting more difficult, because i’m so used to check bookdepository and amazon first thing whenever i get to my computer… these days are proving to be excruciating for me.

But i have to be strong, and get through this month without entering those sites or regular bookstores, because i’m weak, and i can’t handle myself while in closeness of books.

On the other hand i can already say that January will be again a wild month, because it’s not as if i won’t want some books that are released this December, i just won’t be able to purchase them at the time… Which may put me in loop of book buying bans forever…

Oh Lord have mercy of my bookless soul this month…

Okay, wish me luck… this is going to be a difficult month…

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