Being a Fangirl in real life

Sure, as people may find in my blog, i’m an outspoken fangirl, i love reading and watching tv, i ship a lot of couples, i love a lot of characters, obsess and get stressed over fictional things. Yeah well, that’s the internet me. In my real life, although i may seem a bit odd to others, they cannot fathom the magnitude of my fangirling.

Somehow, i don’t even know how i manage to hide all the oddness in me, but people seem oblivious to my craziness so far. The sad thing of it all is the fact that it’s not that i would mind people knowing how much of fangirl i can be, but i don’t have anyone close to fangirl with.

Yes, if i could find some other people who actually share the same interests i have i’ll be the most outspoken fangirl ever.

But no, wherever i go, i’m always by myself, screaming on the inside, lacking the possibility to talk about books or characters i love. And it’s so frustrating, because people seem not to care about reading at all. All i hear people talk about is parties, sex, alcohol and such, which in my opinion is boring.

The thing is, i find it sort of weird that even though i’ve been in many places i seem to not be able to find people who share my interests. Even more so, because i have so many things i know and am interested in. What are the odds of always being the lone fangirl?

Every time i sit at work, for the first minutes i listen to what people are talking about, but it quickly becomes stuff i’m really not interested on knowing. And so, because of this i turn to some podcasts or youtubers or audiobooks. Yes, those things are way closer to my interests than all the people around me.

Okay, so as my sister likes to remind me all the time, i don’t quite “live” in this world, but it’s so boring, i just can’t help it. I prefer to travel through all those amazing places, those great stories…

Real life is boring and most people i know aren’t interesting at all. They don’t even understand what’s the point of reading fiction, can you believe it? The other day i was at work talking to the responsible at my work, and he was “yeah buy why would you even read something that isn’t real?” apparently he only reads about computers and mathematics, anything else is useless (in his opinion), wasted time. Okay, whatever you say… enjoy your reading i’ll keep to mine.

To be honest, sometimes i think it would be better to just keep the fangirling to myself, mostly because the people around me is so basic in their thinking, they understand nothing about fandoms and such, so why even bother with them…

So… are you a fan girl/boy ? do you wanna talk to a nicely (crazy) fellow? i’m open to talking to anyone who is willing to fangirl/boy about almost everything. – if i don’t know the thing, i’m willing to checking it up, always –

Anyway, you can always talk to me! i’m here for everyone!

‘Til next time 😉

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