In Real Life by Jessica Love

Review time! this is from an arc i got from NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion, the book won’t be published until March next year, but by the time it’ll happen i’ll be reminding you about it, so … don’t worry



In Real Life by Jessica Love

Genre: YA, Contemporary
Pages: 240
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Rating: 3.5 stars

Summary: Hannah Cho and Nick Cooper have been best friends since 8th grade. They talk for hours on the phone, regularly shower each other with presents, and know everything there is to know about one another.

There’s just one problem: Hannah and Nick have never actually met.

Hannah has spent her entire life doing what she’s supposed to, but when her senior year spring break plans get ruined by a rule-breaker, she decides to break a rule or two herself. She impulsively decides to road trip to Las Vegas, her older sister and BFF in tow, to surprise Nick and finally declare her more-than-friend feelings for him.

Hannah’s surprise romantic gesture backfires when she gets to Vegas and finds out that Nick has been keeping some major secrets. Hannah knows the real Nick can’t be that different from the online Nick she knows and loves, but now she only has night in Sin City to figure out what her feelings for Nick really are, all while discovering how life can change when you break the rules every now and then.

(summary taken from goodreads).

My opinion on the book:

I had very mixed feeling about this book all the time while i was reading, for one, i loved the two main characters, they felt pretty real to me, but they kept doing very annoying things and sometimes all i wanted was to step into the story and take them for  a walk so i could tell them what to do. The thing is, those mistakes are pretty real for people the age of the characters, so it wasn’t sure what to think of it.

The setting is one we all know pretty well, as the internet and other kinds of communication are so normal in our day the story is a plausible one.

Hannah and Nick meet each other thanks to each other’s siblings and they had been friends for years without having actually meet in real life. They tried to arrange a meeting once but didn’t work, so they sort of gave up on the idea.

Suddenly one day the opportunity pops up for Hannah to travel to Las Vegas, where Nick lives, and she, her sister Grace and best friend  Lo take the chance. When they get there things go to hell and the real story begins.

Because we are talking about a YA contemporary book there are some unavoidable cliches, but i think it’s part of the charm of these kind of books. Mistakes are made, insecurities and bad friendships are all put on the table and each character has to make their own moves, to better or worse.

Personally i liked Hannah, but all the other characters felt a little pale next to her. Most of them are there just to keep the story running, and they aren’t developed.

The fact is, because i wanted so badly to enter the story and talk to the characters i think i was very invested in the story itself. And yeah, the story is easy going, it runs nicely, it doesn’t deal with extremely heavy topics and it’s a fast reading.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a nice story with a happy ending, with a little spice in the middle, but really, suitable even for the ones that like me can’t deal very well with love struggles and such…

Hope you enjoy the reading!

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