November wrap up

Another month is over, and it’s time for me to wrap it up and review a little all the books i got to read in November, hope you enjoy it!

Hyperbole and a half ♥♥♥♥♥


The moment i heard about this book i knew i wanted to read it, it took me a while to get my hands on it, but finally last month i saw it at my local bookstore and bought it without thinking twice. The book is a memoir of the author, Ally Brosch, whom has been publishing this stories on her blog for a while now. I enjoyed the stories she told, a lot, it was funny and very relatable. I laughed and tear up a bit. A great reading, really. Many people thought it is a kids’ book because of the drawing, but it’s not. It’s awesome, i recommend it a lot, seriously.


Sleepy Hollow ♥♥♥

93261Okay, so i decided on reading this short story because i started watching the show and thought it would be weird to not know the original story… to be honest, i wasn’t very impressed by it. Maybe i should have read it before i watched the show, i don’t know… anyway, now i know the original story and that’s all.


Life In Outer Space ♥♥♥

16119664New girl in town is awesome, everyone likes her, even the little group of outsiders that spend their time in the computers room. Camille may look like the coolest popular girl that came from NY back to Australia, but nothing prepares Sam for how much his life is going to change because of her. A romantic little YA novel, pretty sweet, with no plot twist, just life itself.

I bought this book by mistake, oh man, i think i forgot to count this book in my purchases this month… anyway, i wanted to read this book for a while now, but i have to say that it wasn’t what i was expecting.

I may have thought that there would be aliens, which are not, but even if it wouldn’t be that, at least i was expecting something less cliche that the story was.


Zeroes ♥♥♥♥

24885636All Ethan wanted was a ride home, but the night is going to take a wild jump and he’ll find himself on a wild wild ride. Set in our world or maybe a parallel one that is pretty much like ours, with the only difference is a group of teenagers that have ‘super’ powers. The story follows these teenagers in the events after that night.

I liked the story, although sometimes i found it hard and annoying to keep reading mostly because so many of the characters i didn’t like very much. This is the first book i read that was written by Scott Westerfeld, [and yeah, i know he co-written it with another two authors], and i have to say.. i wasn’t very impressed by it. So many people like his books and i’m not even sure… i have to think some more before deciding if i’ll be reading the next book when it is published.

Anyway, i give it a high score [4 out of 5 hearts] because the story is compelling, just some of the characters are annoying.


The Rest of Us Just Live Here ♥♥♥♥♥

229109001I already reviewed this book here, so i’ll just say that it was one of my favorite reads this year, i enjoyed the story very much… also, it really inspired me to read more books by Patrick Ness (you’ll see…)





In Real Life ♥♥♥

215259951I got an arc of this book from NetGalley and actually it’s being released only next year but i made a review of it already [x].

Hannah and Nick had been friends for years, only they don’t know each other in person, only online and by phone. When Hannah decides to go meet Nick (by surprise) she never expected what will become of her visit.

A good easy going reading, it’s pretty enjoyable, i only had a few problems with some actions by the characters [i explained it on the review], but yeah, it was a good read. I’ll be reminding all of this book when the release date approaches.


A Monster Calls ♥♥♥♥♥

8621462One night Connor wakes up to find a moster has come to him, but the monster isn’t at all what you’ll expect of a monster. This monster is ancient and wise. The mosnter has come to take the most personal thing from Connor.. Whom isn’t just dealing with this but with his mother’s illness, the bullying at school and so many other things.

This book left me speechless and also made me cry a lot. I think everyone should read this book, it is so simple and yet so powerfull. A few weeks ago a booktuber i really like [Clau Reads Books]  commented about this book and said she thinks this book should be an obligatory reading on school and although i’m against the idea of obligatory [anything] readings i agee with her on this. A book that won’t leave anyone untouched.


The Knife of Never Letting Go ♥♥♥♥♥

13083049To be honest, this was the first Patrick Ness’ book i tried reading, back in the beginning of the year but i couldn’t find myself in it so i put it away ffor a while. Second time around i found the book to be awesome.

Todd lives in Prentisstown, an all men town in an all men world, where everyone can hear everyone’s ‘noise’. Life seems pretty normal until one day he discovers a silent spot outside the town. From here on, Todd will have to start a journey he isn’t sure where will it take him, along with his dog Manchee and a girl from the skies, to discover the secrets from the new world and more.

This was an incredibly enjoyable reading, i was very surprised the second time i picked up the book and now i can’t wait to start reading the second book.


And those were all the books i read this month, when adding these to the pile of books i read from the beginning of the year i’m at 97/100 of my reading goal of the year!! great! Not to mention yesterday i finished reading The Testing which i started in November but i’ll count it as of December because of when i finished it… another 2 books until i reach my goal! Great Great Great!

‘Til Next Time 😉


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