Book Collectors Tag

Hello everyone! it’s time for another booktag, … i’ve been trying to find the original video/post (i’m not sure) of this tag but i wasn’t able to find it… it anyone knows who made it, please let me know so i can give them the credit for it! Thank you so much!

Book Collectors Tag

1. How many books do you own?

I think it may be about 550-600ish I’m not 100% sure, these past two years have been a wild ride to the bookstore. I don’t have all my books together, most of them are still at my parents’ house. At my current house i have at least 150, luckily i still have a little space on my bookshelves although I’m starting to run out of space, my buying rate it’s about 10 books a month so…
2. How long has it taken to accumulate your collection?
I started when i was about 16 and whomever thought i was old enough to take care of my money was very wrong also, i worked for a while at a bookstore and i may or may not have spent all my checks there
3. How often do you buy books?
I buy books almost every week if not physical ones then ebooks or audiobooks.
4. How do you arrange your books?
Currently i put them wherever there’s some space for them, I’ve have have two shelves with tbr books, another two with read ones and a bookshelf with my favorites apart from the rest, because my beloveds, which is running out of space these year.. I just enjoyed a great reading year this far.
5. What is the first book you remember buying?
Harry Potter and the half blood prince by JK Rowling in English was the first book i bought by myself but the first one i actually asked for were The Lord Of The Rings books.
6. What is the last book that you purchased?
Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, i just decided it’s time to read the series since Winter was published a few days ago.
7. What is the longest book you own?
1q84 by Haruki Murakami, i bought an edition with all the trilogy on it, and it ended up being an extremely uncomfortable book to read because it’s so heavy.
8. What is the shortest book that you own?
The alchemist by Paulo Coleho it’s a short book but it felt like an eternity when i read it.

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