Beware of the spoiler

There’s something really nice about reading a book when it is published, isn’t it? The time when you can still use the internet without being afraid of  getting huge spoilers on that new book you want to read/finish so much.

But well, nothing is perfect apparently, who hasn’t been spoiled about critic events about to happen on that book series you’d been reading for ages but had been too busy to pick up the book that was released last week and by the time you are about to get to it you get spoilers, spoilers everywhere.

Spoilers are the natural enemy of a reader, right next to the writers (i’ll be talking about that on an upcoming post of “confessions of a shipperholic).

For a reason that escapes me, people really enjoy throwing spoilers over the internet, ruinning so many plot twists, it almost hurts. I can’t tell you how many books i won’t be reading anytime soon because the internet has accidentally spoiled the most crucial point of it all.

Let me tell you something, you cannot accidentally throw the fact that an important character dies while randomly commenting on a book. You just don’t do it, because it may ruin the experience to many other readers..

Although i have to admit that spoilers have saved me for picking up books i wouldn’t enjoy, for the most part, spoilers are just a pain in the arse. Like, you seriously thought i wanted to know my favorite character dies in the next book?

Another incredibly annoying thing is avoiding a spoiler so obvious that ends up being a spoilers by omission. Of the books i haven’t heard any major spoilers there are some that are extremely obvious, even though i haven’t read them all.

Let’s talk about some of the books that have been ruinned for me without spoiling anything to other readers.

A few of the books i wanted to read but i got spoiled on are:

Looking for Alaska. I’m not the biggest John Green’s fan, as i already commented on my unpopular opinion booktag but i had huge hopes about this book until in a weird list of recommendations someone compared the book to another one i had read and the spoiler became too obvious for me to even try and read the book, thanks for nothing person whom wrote that list.

The Throne of Glass. This book is the classic “we aren’t saying any spoilers – and by it we are actually making it a spoiler” series. I started reading this book at the beginning of the year, but as i got into it too many hints were thrown at me by the writer and then by people recommending it. Also, it had a little too perfect main character (but that isn’t the point of this post).

Clockwork Princess. Oh, now this book and all these series are huge spoilers to one another. You cannot actually read first one and then the other series, unless you read them by the way these books were published you are going to get spoiled. Also, if you watch the movie before reading the first three books you are in for a massive spoiler, a very annoying one.

Okay, so those are the books i currently remember, i checked my goodreads account but apparenly i have erased all the otherbooks i wanted to read but got spoiled about, except for the ones that were rightfully spoiled.

Rightfully spoiled? and what would that be?

Well, sometimes for the sake of the readers you have to make some disclammers, when a book may contain triggers, i think my favorite book of all time have a massive “spoiler” in the way it is presented, because i’m sure i was waiting for the thing to happen all the time, and yet when it did come to it, i wasn’t prepared, and yes i still think about it and cry, like, a lot.

Anyway, please, when you are writing/commenting on a book/series/tv show/whatever , remember there are people that haven’t yet got to the same place you did, and so some of those comments may spoil many surprises for them.

As i said at the beginning, waiting for something it’s incredible and so, having a thing you’d been waiting for so long it’s a great bummer…

Well, that’s all now. ‘Til next time!;)



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