The Slump Season

Apparently I’ve been competing with myself all year. For some reason i’ve been obsessing over how many books i am able to read. So far i’ve read ninty obe books and i really want to get to a hundred by the end of December. Which is totally plausible, counting of the fact that we are still in the first half of November, unless of course, a reading slump happens, you know what? Forget the ‘if’ because it has happened. Again.

It is really weird but since the beginning of the year every month i fall into a reading slump every first half of the month.. And let me tell you, it is incredibly frustrating, because it doesn’t matter how many books i try reading in those days i end up putting them aside, and i’m not sure i’ll be able to pick them up again, you know, because of the heavy feeling you had when trying to read them before (?).

So, i watch tv instead of reading and then get angry at myself for not reading more. And it happens over and over again.. I’m truly getting tired of it. I sit by my bookshelf, staring at my books trying to find something that would take away the slump but it’s still there, every time.

Another thing that doesn’t help much getting ride of a slump is the obsessing need of a book in particular at a very specific moment, i mean, i’ll be watching videos on youtube and a booktuber will recommend a book that sounds incredible, and then i’ll be needing to have the book in my hands that very moment or else. Obviously i live in a country where you can’t find the books you want unless you buy them online, and it takes time to get to you.. So, prepare to be waiting for weeks for the books to arrive, just in time for you not wanting them anymore. (!). I suppose this happens because there aren’t many English readers or just they aren’t crazy as i am …

I guess i could buy them for kindle (and sometimes i do), but who will i be kidding? even if i had the kindle version, if i really like the book i’ll need a physical copy anyway, and so, why bother ? like, i love books and all, but i’m not made of money.

And so, i spend my days making lists of the next books i want to read, normally none of those are already on my bookshelf, so again, I’m not doing any reading. Also, the lots of books i ordered and now sit on my bookshelves increases non stop and are left unread.

More often that i would like it becomes an eternal cycle, a boring one too, because the beauty of reading books is escaping my normal, boring, life, but then again i don’t feel in the mood to enter a new world right now, not even short stories as i tried the last few days. I get stucked in this boring real world we live in, not wanting to do anything, so basically it stucks me and saddens me even more, making even less interested on reading…

Yeah well, the freaking cycle.. Funny really how after it i can read about 3-4 books a week in the last half of the month, well, at least i could until now, who knows want can happen next…

’til next time! 😀

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