Bump in the night booktag

Yay! halloween is here! So, i thought i should bring you something (sort of) related to it… I know it isn’t much but … I love booktags and i hope you enjoy it as much as i had while answering it! I’m sorry i don’t have the information of the creator of the tag but when i find it, I’ll add it.
Have a great halloween’s eve!

1) Which are your favorite supernatural/horror/scary characters to read about? (e.g. vampires,werewolves, witches, monsters, serial killers, murderers etc).
Witches (aka; warlocks, wizards, magicians, mages, castor or whatever you’ll call them)

2) Which scene from any book would be your ultimate nightmare to have been part of?
The returning of Lord Voldemort at the end of Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.

3) If you could visit and explore any one scary or evil setting which would you pick and why?
The Orsc store at night (horrorstor) i guess, i mean it’s scary as hell but heck.. It’s scary as hell! Let’s go to the hive!

4) Which book was so frighteningly terrible that you almost fell asleep for eternity trying to finish it?
The eye of minds,… I had such great expectations from another series written by James Dashner, after all i loved The Maze Runner and yet,I thought i’ll die trying to finish it.

5) Name one book you wish you could pull certain pages out of and swap for others to make it better?
Ooooh i would erase a particular heartless death scene from Mockingjay.

6) If you could turn any ‘bad or evil’ character into a good character, who would you pick and why?
I can’t think of anyone… Maybe like Narcissa Malfoy could have been a bit nicer before the obvious moment…(???)

Quick fire round:
1) Favorite vampire character?
My baby Christian Ozera (Vampire Academy)

2) Favorite werewolf character?
Luke Garroway (The Mortal Instruments)

3) Favorite witch character?
Do Warlocks count? I love Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments)… If not… Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

4) Favorite monster character?
Bob the Titan !! (Percy Jackson)

5) Favorite ghost character?
I don’t think i have (?) maybe nearly headless Nick ? (Harry Potter)

6) Favorite serial killer/murderer character?
Brady .. Honey boy from Mr. Mercedes!

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