Watching Tv, Wasting Time, The Family Business.

It’s already October (oh really you don’t say) which means most of the tv shows i watch are back on air. The beginning of the fall season is also a time to decide which new shows i’ll add to my viewing list. I already watch a bunch of shows but i’m not the one to say no to some new gems (in the case there are any).

Picking new shows is difficult really, when starting a new show you have to take count on the fact that it may last a very long time or get cancelled only after a few episodes or even worst, get cancelled after a huge cliffhanger.

Starting to watch a television show that might run for years isn’t a decision to take lightly. I’m wrestling with a big commitment issue here.” 

Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

Oh my, am i really going to talk about watching tv?

Well, yeah. I mean, i watch a ton of television, so, it’s only normal i’ll talk about it sometime.

Today is the day.

There are two things that really [extremely] bother me on tv shows. There are some tv shows i loved and got cancelled, leaving me very sad, because i was super invested in the story and the characters.  I understand that i’m not the only one watching tv and that shows need good ratings for it to keep running, and still, it hurts, especially when TOMANY  questions are left unanswered (yeah, like in Lost, which is actually ridiculous of me to complain about because i started watching the show after it ended).  But how do you end a tv show and never give answers, if not as a season at least some kind of wrap up? an episode? a essay explaining the stuff that was left unanswered, something?!

The other problem i find very annoying and sometimes worth dropping out a show because of it is… the endless tv shows that ran out of ideas, but the ratings are so high they even watch them on Pluto.

Yeah, there’s nothing beautifuler that watching a long running tv show, where you know the characters as if they were your family (examples; The Simpsons, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Criminal Minds [note that these are some of the shows i’ve been watching for ages]). These are the shows that had been running for so long the day they’ll end you’ll be left wordless, or at least i’ll be.

I love these shows to pieces, and many of them i’ve watched more than once, i also may or may not have watched them on loops from beginning to end to beginning to the episode of the day – as i’m doing these days with thebigbagtheory again and again.

But, as much as i may love these shows, some days i want to drop them because they are going way too far. I mean, there’s only an amunt of times you can die before it becomes ridiculous, really. You see, i don’t know how others feel about these shows, but i’m mostly watching them to this day because i love the characters, many times i sort of ignore the storyline because it’s getting really annoying and improbable and ooc. And yet, i cannot always win these fights.

I think the last season i really, truly, enjoyed of Supernatural was season 8.. (season gr8). I keep watching because of Sam [even though these days he isn’t as important as he used to], until season 8 I enjoyed Dean and Cas and everyone else, now i’m just like, why even. And i know many people could tell me to just drop the show and stop complainning, but hey, i invested many weeks of my life watching and rewatching episodes, it’s too late to back down.

So, even thoguh i’m too far down the rabbit hole to just leave, what will it take from me to say NO, NO, NO AND ALSO NO, I’M NOT WATCHING THIS ANY LONGER?

Oh well, i guess it’s different with every show, some random deaths on some of the shows, or an inexplicable ooc moment that i can’t leave be. Some of the shows can go to hell all they want and i’ll keep watching (a.k.a: The Simpsons).

Main problem with the shows may be the breaking of a truly important (to me) canon fact; a ship, a character, an unforgivable death. I’m a die hard fangirl, i have some stuff that is sacred to me on some shows and i can’t let everything pass through.

How fun is it to watch a show you read the book it’s based on, and so even if it gets cancelled you know what needs to happen? (as long as it stays faithful to the original work), for example, i really wish for Shadowhunters, premiering this 2016, to have a million seasons, because i love the books so much, they may be one of my favorite series, and also because the tease and the trailer for the show look AMAZING, but, i read all the books and i know what has to happen, even if they changed the story a bit, i do have an ending for the characters. Although i’ll be sad because i love the cast to much. Anyway, i hope they get many seasons after this one!

Not the same in many others that were changed so much you may never know again.

Oh, the time i’ve wasted…

Tv shows i had to let go even though i spent so much time in them:

2 Broke Girls, Awkward, Dexter, Gilmore Girls (the only show i had to drop because the friend i watched it with passed away and i couldn’t keep watching without her), Glee, Grey’s Anatomy (although i may catch up and keep watching), Homeland, House, The Vampire Diaries.

TV shows i’ll be watching this season:

American Dad!, Black-ish, Bones, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Castle, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, Elementary, Family Guy, Fresh Off The Boat, Grimm, Heroes Reborn, How To Get Away With Murder, iZombie, Jane The Virgin, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Mike&Molly, Modern Family, Mom, Once Upon A Time, Person Of Interest, Quantico, Scream Queens, SuperGirl, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, The Blacklist, The Goldbergs, The Middle, The Simpsons.

The “I Might as well keep watching because there’s nothing else at the moment” list:

New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Scandal, Suits, Veep, Wilfred.

The “I’ll watch them if and when they are back” list:

Ancient Aliens, Game of Thrones, In Search Of Aliens, Mr. Robot, Orphan Black, Sense8, Sherlock, Silicon Valley, The 100th, The Librarians.

*These lists do not include anime i may watch (although this year i haven’t watched much).

** Wow, that’s a LOT of shows.

*** These lists do not include the shows that i haven’t checked up yet, like SHADOWHUNTERS that i’m pretty sure i’ll watch, but hasn’t started yet, and shows that may start next year.

****Series in bold are my favorite ones.

I guess that’s it for today…

Oh my.. so many shows, … so little time!  Not to mention i still have to keep reading .. oh wow, i have much catch up to do :0.

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