September Wrap Up

So, because i will (apparently) never truly review all the books i read, i decided on a better way to actually talk about all the books i read in a month. From now on every month i’ll be doing a wrap up of all the books i read on the month! yay! …

Let’s start with the books i read this September then…



Actually for this one, i do have a review, so if you want to read it, you just have to click on the cover of the book.

I’ll just say here that this book was super enjoyable, like, i devoured it. This is the kind of books i’m always looking for, the ones unexpected. It left me with a great feeling when i finished it.



This novella, can i call it a novella? It’s a short story, so i guess… Well, this one, was pretty weird to read. I mean… the premise of the story is intriguing… a single man realized stuff in his house has started to disappear so he puts a camera on the kitchen to find out what’s going on.

The story develops very slowly, which made me rethink a few times if i should finish it, but it was so short, i managed to stay put. For some reason even thought i knew it was based on real events i was waiting for something creepy and out of this world to happen, i don’t even know why. But nothing did. This story is plain narrative of a weird event that happen to some guy in Japan. Still, the story talks so much about loneliness, the man himself was such a lonely existence it got me thinking about my *not-so-bright-or-promising* future.

So, although this is a real event, and nothing supernatural happened it got me pretty scared for the rest of the week.



Sick kids on *sickcamp* try to live a normal life even though they can’t (the book in a nutshell). 

This book is about kids suffering from a new kind of untreatable tuberculosis, because of this they are sent to sort of camp, where they are treated until they get better by themselves or they die.

In this wonderful place we meet our heroes, a group of ‘rebels’ who try to live life as if nothing is wrong… or maybe they are trying their best to do everything because, hey, Yolo and they are sort of dying anyway.

I wasn’t planning on reading this book, i just randomly chose it and went with it. Because of that i wasn’t really expecting anything from this book and yet it gave me so many feelings.

First, the fact that the kids were quarantined reminded me of my own time in the hospital. Sure, it was for different reasons, but since then i always felt like i have th the plague and people don’t want me close. Same as these kids who knew that if they did recover from the sickness, people would still be afraid of remission and getting the illness themselves. Obviously my own sickness isn’t contagious, but many people are ignorant.

Anyway, the story moved fast but also in a good rhythm, you don’t have time to get bored. Although at some points it was difficult to read, because of the memories of my own experiences, i find this book to be a great reading.


This book is about a teenage girl finding out that she has a condition called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (meaning that although her chromosomes are XY  her body can’t respond to the androgens) and how when this fact finds its way through all school people start being mean to her. We also get to see her coping with the news herself, not being sure if she is really a girl as her outside looks or a boy as her chromosomes says.

I really liked the book, mostly because the most important thing was Krisi (the main character) going through a self discovery journey, while learning how are  her true friends and who aren’t. Also, there’s a little of romance on the book, but it isn’t much. I mean, to my taste it was the exact amount.

This kind of book, a coming-of-age, are one of my favorites, because it makes you think a lot, even when you don’t have the same problems as the characters, there’s always something that can speak to you.

I think that’s why i loved the book so much, i’ve been trying to find myself for a very long time, and reaading this kind of books reminds me that i’m not alone, sure each one of us have their own personal problems, but we are all struggling to be our truest selves.

Long story short; I loved this book very very much.



I’ve been meaning to read this book for ages and i mean AGES. I bought this book back in 2008 and since then i tried to read this book about 10 times. I could never finish it. Don’t gt me wrong, i LOVE this book, every time i read it i loved it and yet i couldn’t finish it.

Set during WWII, if follows Captain John Yossarian, a U.S. Army Air Forces B-25 bombardier and other soldiers on his squadron based on the island of Pianosa (and as they go about other places in Italy). The story is a satirical telling of the war and the absurd bts of the military.

To be honest, Yossarian is one of my favorite literary characters ever, for some reason his pov resonates with me a lot.

I think the thing i loved the most about this book is the way the author described many scenes, from Yossarian’s pov but still in third person, i mean, i never experienced war like him and yet i felt as if i was there. Also, i felt as if i were on his place i would feel the same exact way.

I suppose this book isn’t for everyone, but it was a long due for me. I’m sure i’ll reread it, from beginning to end a few more times in my life time.



There’s a lot of hype about this book. Since last year i’ve been seeing it everywhere and now even more because the movie adaptation is around the corner (if it isn’t already out).

I bought this book because so many people where talking about it, but i wasn’t sure i’ll like it. I love space and science and fiction, but i don’t read much science fiction as a whole, but it was a pretty much down to earth (more like to Mars really) book, so i figured i could check it out.

So, an Astronaut gets stranded alone on Mars and has to do everything he can to survive until NASA can come back and save him. First of all, NASA has to know he is alive, really. This sets us on an adventure of a life time, a very accurate storytelling based on true facts about outer space and such.

Let’s be honest here, i love the fact that the author did a lot of research for the book, but could you give Mark (the astronaut) a break. I mean… it’s maybe because i read the book super fast, but i felt as if too many bad things were happening to the main character all the fricking time. I understand that in a book stuff needs to happen, so we have the will to keep reading, but as i read it i felt exhausted. Poor guy.

So, yeah, it is a great book, i liked it a lot, but i’m guessing not as much as most people… yet, again, if you didn’t read it yet i recommend it, even more before you go watch the movie! (a must do i believe).



I’ve been wanting on reading this book since it came out on 2010. For some reason i felt i have to read it. What did i know? i was right.

The book is about a boy named Daniel, whom has been reincarnating and remembering his previous lives for centuries. On his first life he meet a girl a thing that marked him deeply. Since then he has been looking for her, as through the ages he felt in love with her.  The girl, Lucy, has no recollection of her previous lives, but feels an attraction for Daniel. As the story develops, we learn about an ancient evil that will try to keep them apart at any cost.

This book has a lot of topics i love, deep and eternal love (without the cheesiness of it), reincarnation, history and totally lovable characters.

Many people complain about the ending, but i think i can live with it, even putting the book as one of my favorites i read so far this year. There’s something very sweet on it i think. Obviously i don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but i’ll say many people were frustrated.

The problem i had with this book is that many aspects of the story i’ve already met on a book i read at the beginning of the year, “Every Day” by David Levithan, which is sort of awkward but at the same time great. I mean a certain ability by one of minor characters from both books are the same and they both use it for their own, not so pretty, purposes.

Anyway, a great book that i loved to pieces.



This book is about a girl named Kat,  new in town falling for her neighbor, Daemon, a boy with a secret (shocking, right?). The thing is the boy, his sister and some other people from town are actually aliens. If i had to really describe it i’ll say it’s a lot like Twilight but with aliens instead of Vampires.

Okay, so i’ve already talked about this book before and how difficult was to finishe reading this book for me. So, i’m really not big on romance, i don’ like or enjoy it most of the time, but the first book of this series for some reason convinced me to read it ad i sort of liked it, so i decided to keep on going with it.

The second book, this one,  i thought i’d like too, but then the cheesiness was way too much for me and so i wanted to drop it most of the time. When i finally finished it, it took me the whole month to get through it and wasn’t sure if i should keep on reading and to be honest i still don’t know if i’ll keep reading the series, so … i’m not sure of anything right now.

And so, those are all the books i read on September! I hope October will be at least as good as this one!

Well, that’s all for now,

’til next time 🙂

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