Bump in the night booktag

Yay! halloween is here! So, i thought i should bring you something (sort of) related to it… I know it isn’t much but … I love booktags and i hope you enjoy it as much as i had while answering it! I’m sorry i don’t have the information of the creator of the tag but when i find it, I’ll add it.
Have a great halloween’s eve!

1) Which are your favorite supernatural/horror/scary characters to read about? (e.g. vampires,werewolves, witches, monsters, serial killers, murderers etc).
Witches (aka; warlocks, wizards, magicians, mages, castor or whatever you’ll call them)

2) Which scene from any book would be your ultimate nightmare to have been part of?
The returning of Lord Voldemort at the end of Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.

3) If you could visit and explore any one scary or evil setting which would you pick and why?
The Orsc store at night (horrorstor) i guess, i mean it’s scary as hell but heck.. It’s scary as hell! Let’s go to the hive!

4) Which book was so frighteningly terrible that you almost fell asleep for eternity trying to finish it?
The eye of minds,… I had such great expectations from another series written by James Dashner, after all i loved The Maze Runner and yet,I thought i’ll die trying to finish it.

5) Name one book you wish you could pull certain pages out of and swap for others to make it better?
Ooooh i would erase a particular heartless death scene from Mockingjay.

6) If you could turn any ‘bad or evil’ character into a good character, who would you pick and why?
I can’t think of anyone… Maybe like Narcissa Malfoy could have been a bit nicer before the obvious moment…(???)

Quick fire round:
1) Favorite vampire character?
My baby Christian Ozera (Vampire Academy)

2) Favorite werewolf character?
Luke Garroway (The Mortal Instruments)

3) Favorite witch character?
Do Warlocks count? I love Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments)… If not… Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

4) Favorite monster character?
Bob the Titan !! (Percy Jackson)

5) Favorite ghost character?
I don’t think i have (?) maybe nearly headless Nick ? (Harry Potter)

6) Favorite serial killer/murderer character?
Brady .. Honey boy from Mr. Mercedes!


Top 10 films [that made me sleep with the lights on]

Halloween is around the corner so, in order of not bothering the evil spirits (between Halloween and the Day of the Dead [el dia de los muertos] no one is safe) i decided to be part of the festivities and so.. This top 10 films that scared and scared me for life was born!

But first a little disclaimer; althought i’m a huge fan of horror movies [these days], when i was little i was exposed to some disturbing characters. At the time i was sort of a daredevil in that matter and some of that stuff scared me for life, so… many of the movies i rewatched as a grown up and i’m like “oh wow, that wasn’t scary at all, actually” but the fear for some reason prevails. Also, I know many of these movies aren’t that scary, heck i spent so many days watching horror movie after horror movie i may have watched way worst movies but after a while you just can’t really see how scary they are.


10. Jeepers Creepers.

Info about the movie HERE

This may be weird, but i watched this movie several times the weekend when i discovered it, and it wasn’t as if i wasn’t afraid, i was, very much, but i just couldn’t stop watching it. Also, this may be the only movie from the list that actually gave me nightmares. Yeah, after a while i stopped sleeping unless it was in daylight.

9. The Sixth Sense.

Info about the movie HERE

Whomever had the great idea of letting my [then] 12 years old sister take me [9 by the time] to watch this movie at the theatre was INSANE. I remember it was the first time i went to the movies with “big girls” and i tried to remain cool, i didn’t want them to see me scared, but the moment that girl puked all over the place i lost my shit and just couldn’t. One of my sister’s friends huged me (she was freaking out too) and we spent the rest of the movie that way. Since then i rewatched the movie many times, and i have to admit, it’s not really scary, but at the time i was so scared that i’ll see dead people somewhere, i was so freaked out.

8. Paranormal Activity.

Info about the movie HERE

Okay, although i was already a grown up when i watched it scared me. Well, most of the movie is boring, but the scene when the gal spends hours just standing and watching the guy sleep it’s just creepy. And i mean, it freaked me out pretty badly, because to this day, one of the things i fear the most is waking in the middle of the night to find someone staring at me sleeping (i guess Edward and I could never happen). So creepy, … I watched it only once and i had enough, but I watched the second movie anyway. Never watched the rest.
7. The Blair Witch Project.

Info about the movie HERE

This movie and I go way back, i go to watch this movie when i was about 10, for some reason i can’t understand my mom let me watch it with my sister at night. I remember being scared, like, really scared after… I would stand with my back to the wall always, so i can be sure the witch isn’t coming, and then at some point an aunt of mine got me a book based on the movie, it was “the information the guys in the movie gathered before they disappeared”, the book freaked me out even more, but it also got me to watch the movie again (??). The second time i watched the movie i really enjoyed it, and since then it became on of my favorite movies, like in my top 20 for sure.

6. Pet Sematary.

Info about the movie HERE

The other day i was talking about this movie at work, just to remember the most horrible part of it (i won’t spoil it). Normally i can only remember this guy called Pascow opening a trunk door or something like that and it always was enough for me to avoid this movie ever again. I watched this with my sister and my stepdad a few years ago and they were all “meh, i’ve seen better” while i was all “aaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!” . Since i’ve never watched it again and i mostly forgot what happens (okay, i remember the basics just fine) i can’t say if i would be scared if i’d watch it again, but just to be sure, i won’t.

5. Sinister.

Info about the movie HERE

This is the movie i LOVE being SCARED OF. I watched this movie two or three years ago, and althought the ‘monster’ of the movie is scary as crap, i totally loved him. I mean, yeah, i’m still afraid i may wake up one night to find him next to my door, and it would be the scariest thing ever, but like, i can’t wait to find the way of watching the sequel, because i totally loved the movie. Is it as weird as it feels to me?

4. It.

Info about the movie HERE

I’m never ever stepping on a sewer. I didn’t watch this movie when i was little, but i’ve been afraid of Pennywise since i remember myself. I’ll blame it on the channel where it was screened because the promos where too explicit for the hours it was showed. It was horrifying really, and for years i would close my eyes and remember him in the sewer, i hated so much when my granma tried to make me step on them, and to this day i don’t. I actually watched the movie a couple of years ago just to find out it wasn’t scary, and i felt betrayed by it, but i will always remember the clown as one of the most horrible things i’ve ever seen.

3. Ringu.

Info about the movie HERE

This was the first asian horror movie i’ve ever seen. And it’s kind of a funny story. When i decided i would watch this movie i was 14 and i was home alone. I knew people would call you if they knew you were watching the movie so i kept the information to myself and watched it as nothing. I didn’t even flinch while watching, and after i finished i couldn’t care less about it. Weeks passed by and i was still very happy, i even started watching even more scary movies. Then, one night a gal i used to talk to by msn told me she saw the movie and described some stuff from it to me. The moment i remember the stuff i saw i completely lost it. For years i was so scared of Sadako, it was horrible. A psychologist told me that it may had happened because even tho i enjoy horror movies i’m very susceptible to them and also my imagination is very strong so seeing it in my mind may have been even worst than the movie itself.

2. The Exorcist.

Info about the movie HERE

There’s a chance i may have the fear for this movie in my own DNA. My father went three times to the theatre to watch it and he couldn’t finish it, ever. Heck, he went to a date with my mom to watch it.

This movie is the only one (on the list) i still haven’t finished watching. My fear of this movie started when i was 14, my sister made me play a concentration game and at some point the face of the girl jumped and i almost fainted. Since then i’ve been really afraid of this movie, … also, many times people showed me parts of it, i still don’t know why everytime i told them i was scared they showed me scenes from the movie. Then, a few years back one night my sister find the movie on tv and told me we should watch it together, it was 4am and i didn’t want to, but she told me it would be therapeutic. She fell asleep even before the girl started acting weird and after a while i decided i’m not brave enough to watch it alone.

1. Ju-On.

Info about the movie HERE

Fun fact: i watched the trilogy alone in one night.
These movies are what nightmares should be made of, i dreaded these movies from the moment the gal entered the room and the dark thing was draining(?) the old lady (i think it was a woman or was it a man? I think it was a woman). My sister was sitting near me and asked me “why are you doing this to yourself?” then she left me alone with the movies. By the end of the first film i knew that 1- i was scared to death by those entities 2- the movie was genius 3- i wouldn’t be sleeping that night so i might as well watch them all.
I think the scariest thing about the films is that it leaves you with the feeling that nowhere it’s safe, if it can appear under your sheets and that little boy feats everywhere, you can’t escape.
Yeah, by the middle of the second film some parts where predictable, but i don’t think any movie made a strong impression in me as this movies, i was scared of my bed, of stairs, i was sure the creepy thing will find me in a public restroom and kill me, i started imagining sounds at night and since then i can’t sleep without white noise, because of the sounds that thing made. Yeah, I’m still afraid. Obviously it didn’t stop me from watching the American remake, which wasn’t scary as the Japanese ones to be honest.
Fun fact 2: the day after i watched the movies i had a friend visiting and she told me she marathoned the movies the night before too, while we were talking my little brother [6 at the time] decided to play in my room, strangely enough he played by hiding at random places (like under my bed) and then graving me by the foot, he scared me more than once that day.
Fun fact 3: my sister decided i wasn’t scared enough, so one night before we went to bed she told me she heard noises in my room and thought it was me, but she checked and i wasn’t even home. She also told me she thought she heard a little boy’s voice in my room. I didn’t slept in that room again for weeks.

Have a great Halloween!!

’til next time :3

A-Z booktag

So, being bored at work and without much to say i decided to answer this booktag, right now i can’t remember who the creator of the tag is, but the moment i have time i’ll post it!
It’s a long tag, so.. Hope you enjoy!

A: Author You’ve Read the Most Books From
I think it’s either Cassandra Clare or Rick Riordan i cannot remember
B: Best sequel ever
Okay, so if just the second book of a series, i think Catching Fire is the one i liked best, no wait.. The Scorch Trails, if a sequel of a series (aka a spin off) The Heroes Of Olympus i mean those books are the best!
C: Currently reading
Wonder and Welcome to Night Vale
D: Drink of choice while reading
I don’t drink while reading, but if i had to choose i’ll say tea

E: E-reader or physical book
Physical for aesthetic and hugging the books, ebooks for being able to read them as soon as published
F: Fictional character you probably would’ve dated in high school
G: Glad you gave this book a chance
After The Quake by Haruki Murakami
H: A hidden gem book
I: Important moment in your reading life
The release of the last Harry Potter books
J: Just finished
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
K: Kinds of books you won’t read
L: Longest book you’ve ever read
Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix
M: Major book hangover because of
All The Bright Places
N: Number of bookcases you own
About 10
O: One book you’ve read multiple times
Daddy Long Legs
P: Preferred place to read
In bed
Q: Quote that inspires you or gives you all the feels
And if I’m alone in bed, I will go to the window, look up at the sky, and feel certain that loneliness is a lie, because the Universe is there to keep me company.
Paulo Coelho, Manuscript found in Accra.
R: Reading regret

The hunger but mostly deadly games … Waste of my time

S: Series that you’ve started and needed to finish
Harry Potter
T: Three of your all time favorite books
All The Bright Places
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
U: Unapologetic fan girl for
The Mortal Instruments
V: Very excited for this release
Lady Midnight
W: Worst bookish habit
Getting too attached to the characters
X: X marks the spot pick the 27 book on your

13 reasons why

Y: Your latest book purchase
Z: Zzz book that made you fall asleep

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Watching Tv, Wasting Time, The Family Business.

It’s already October (oh really you don’t say) which means most of the tv shows i watch are back on air. The beginning of the fall season is also a time to decide which new shows i’ll add to my viewing list. I already watch a bunch of shows but i’m not the one to say no to some new gems (in the case there are any).

Picking new shows is difficult really, when starting a new show you have to take count on the fact that it may last a very long time or get cancelled only after a few episodes or even worst, get cancelled after a huge cliffhanger.

Starting to watch a television show that might run for years isn’t a decision to take lightly. I’m wrestling with a big commitment issue here.” 

Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

Oh my, am i really going to talk about watching tv?

Well, yeah. I mean, i watch a ton of television, so, it’s only normal i’ll talk about it sometime.

Today is the day.

There are two things that really [extremely] bother me on tv shows. There are some tv shows i loved and got cancelled, leaving me very sad, because i was super invested in the story and the characters.  I understand that i’m not the only one watching tv and that shows need good ratings for it to keep running, and still, it hurts, especially when TOMANY  questions are left unanswered (yeah, like in Lost, which is actually ridiculous of me to complain about because i started watching the show after it ended).  But how do you end a tv show and never give answers, if not as a season at least some kind of wrap up? an episode? a essay explaining the stuff that was left unanswered, something?!

The other problem i find very annoying and sometimes worth dropping out a show because of it is… the endless tv shows that ran out of ideas, but the ratings are so high they even watch them on Pluto.

Yeah, there’s nothing beautifuler that watching a long running tv show, where you know the characters as if they were your family (examples; The Simpsons, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Criminal Minds [note that these are some of the shows i’ve been watching for ages]). These are the shows that had been running for so long the day they’ll end you’ll be left wordless, or at least i’ll be.

I love these shows to pieces, and many of them i’ve watched more than once, i also may or may not have watched them on loops from beginning to end to beginning to the episode of the day – as i’m doing these days with thebigbagtheory again and again.

But, as much as i may love these shows, some days i want to drop them because they are going way too far. I mean, there’s only an amunt of times you can die before it becomes ridiculous, really. You see, i don’t know how others feel about these shows, but i’m mostly watching them to this day because i love the characters, many times i sort of ignore the storyline because it’s getting really annoying and improbable and ooc. And yet, i cannot always win these fights.

I think the last season i really, truly, enjoyed of Supernatural was season 8.. (season gr8). I keep watching because of Sam [even though these days he isn’t as important as he used to], until season 8 I enjoyed Dean and Cas and everyone else, now i’m just like, why even. And i know many people could tell me to just drop the show and stop complainning, but hey, i invested many weeks of my life watching and rewatching episodes, it’s too late to back down.

So, even thoguh i’m too far down the rabbit hole to just leave, what will it take from me to say NO, NO, NO AND ALSO NO, I’M NOT WATCHING THIS ANY LONGER?

Oh well, i guess it’s different with every show, some random deaths on some of the shows, or an inexplicable ooc moment that i can’t leave be. Some of the shows can go to hell all they want and i’ll keep watching (a.k.a: The Simpsons).

Main problem with the shows may be the breaking of a truly important (to me) canon fact; a ship, a character, an unforgivable death. I’m a die hard fangirl, i have some stuff that is sacred to me on some shows and i can’t let everything pass through.

How fun is it to watch a show you read the book it’s based on, and so even if it gets cancelled you know what needs to happen? (as long as it stays faithful to the original work), for example, i really wish for Shadowhunters, premiering this 2016, to have a million seasons, because i love the books so much, they may be one of my favorite series, and also because the tease and the trailer for the show look AMAZING, but, i read all the books and i know what has to happen, even if they changed the story a bit, i do have an ending for the characters. Although i’ll be sad because i love the cast to much. Anyway, i hope they get many seasons after this one!

Not the same in many others that were changed so much you may never know again.

Oh, the time i’ve wasted…

Tv shows i had to let go even though i spent so much time in them:

2 Broke Girls, Awkward, Dexter, Gilmore Girls (the only show i had to drop because the friend i watched it with passed away and i couldn’t keep watching without her), Glee, Grey’s Anatomy (although i may catch up and keep watching), Homeland, House, The Vampire Diaries.

TV shows i’ll be watching this season:

American Dad!, Black-ish, Bones, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Castle, Criminal Minds, Doctor Who, Elementary, Family Guy, Fresh Off The Boat, Grimm, Heroes Reborn, How To Get Away With Murder, iZombie, Jane The Virgin, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Mike&Molly, Modern Family, Mom, Once Upon A Time, Person Of Interest, Quantico, Scream Queens, SuperGirl, Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory, The Blacklist, The Goldbergs, The Middle, The Simpsons.

The “I Might as well keep watching because there’s nothing else at the moment” list:

New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Scandal, Suits, Veep, Wilfred.

The “I’ll watch them if and when they are back” list:

Ancient Aliens, Game of Thrones, In Search Of Aliens, Mr. Robot, Orphan Black, Sense8, Sherlock, Silicon Valley, The 100th, The Librarians.

*These lists do not include anime i may watch (although this year i haven’t watched much).

** Wow, that’s a LOT of shows.

*** These lists do not include the shows that i haven’t checked up yet, like SHADOWHUNTERS that i’m pretty sure i’ll watch, but hasn’t started yet, and shows that may start next year.

****Series in bold are my favorite ones.

I guess that’s it for today…

Oh my.. so many shows, … so little time!  Not to mention i still have to keep reading .. oh wow, i have much catch up to do :0.

Confessions of a shipperholic

I’m not big on real life romance, actually I’m not big on human contact at all.  Basically, do you know the character Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang theory? Do you know why relentless he is about human contact? (Mostly on earlier seasons) well, that’s how I roll.

And yet when it comes to fictional characters i go berserk.
Honesty, i obsess over fictional relationships, i get invested on so much that if people who know me irk would know it would change the way they looked at me forever.
There’s a sort of insanity, that I’m not quite sure if it’s just the Fangirl way or if it runs deeper in my veins or something. It’s ridiculous I swear.
If i ever invested half the time i do on thinking about my otps (one true pairing [s]) into a real relationship, I would get an award for being the best girlfriend in the universe.

No, not really, i don’t like people around me at all, and don’t get me started on people touching me, that’s just wrong. So wrong.

But to be honest, i think we live in a time when these kind of behaviors aren’t the weirdest things you can find. So, i spend my time and emotions on fictional relationships and everything is fine.

As being a shipper [and a fangirl] is a way of living, i’ve been fangirling over my favorite ships since i was very young. Like, when i was about seven or eight i would watch anime and ship many ships (even though at the time i didn’t know it was shipping).

But i guess the obsessiveness of it all started when i read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the first time. I remember how much i got crazy about Viktor Krum getting in the middle of Hermione and Ron, how much it bothered me at the time. Yeah, my first OTP (which i carry to this day) was Romione, although i didn’t call it that until two years ago.

I still ship them very much, i even remember being very nervous when the last book got out, because until the books weren’t over there was still the chance that my ship wouldn’t happen, i may even have prayed at some point, i’m not a 100% sure.

Since that first ship, i had a lot (and i mean A LOT) of OTPs, when normally i’ll have only one in a particular fandom, i’ll still have some other that i ship (just not that much).

For some reason i prefer canon ships, or ones that may be canon at some point, mostly because my fangirl heart struggles too much when i have to make it all in my head. But yeah, i had some crazy ships…

Well, yeah, at some point i totally shipped Tomoyo and Meiling.

And i say shipped, which is weird, because normally if i shipped it at one point, i’ll ship it for eternity, i honestly don’t remember why i stopped shipping them together. If i decide to ship a ship it’s for good, but there are a very few i had to drop just because it was too impossible or something ruined the ship for me. Something like the actors interpreting the characters being horrible people in real life, or too much against the ship … yeah, i also won’t ship real life people…

Anyway, obviously it’s impossible to have so many OTPs and obsess over them the same amount all of the time, so, i obsess over one particular ship (like most of the day) the same way i’ll obsess over a show or book (and the OTP normally will be of that same tv show/book) while i’ll still obsess a bit (much) over other OTPs.

At the moment the ship i’m obsessing the most over is Shamy from the Big Bang Theory, which means i’m watching and rewatching the show all day over these days.. (yeah, my capacity of rewatching and rereading stuff i love is remarkable, i’ll talk about that one day).

(My relationship goals right there)

Because i have so many OTPs, and a very short attention span, i’ll be talking about my ships in short entries, …

Oh wow, what a way of saying that with this entry i’m presenting a new “segment” on this blog, apart of the nonsenses i talk about on a monthly basis, i’ll be adding the “confessions of a shipperholic” from now on…

So, for today this is all..

’til next time! 😀

September Wrap Up

So, because i will (apparently) never truly review all the books i read, i decided on a better way to actually talk about all the books i read in a month. From now on every month i’ll be doing a wrap up of all the books i read on the month! yay! …

Let’s start with the books i read this September then…



Actually for this one, i do have a review, so if you want to read it, you just have to click on the cover of the book.

I’ll just say here that this book was super enjoyable, like, i devoured it. This is the kind of books i’m always looking for, the ones unexpected. It left me with a great feeling when i finished it.



This novella, can i call it a novella? It’s a short story, so i guess… Well, this one, was pretty weird to read. I mean… the premise of the story is intriguing… a single man realized stuff in his house has started to disappear so he puts a camera on the kitchen to find out what’s going on.

The story develops very slowly, which made me rethink a few times if i should finish it, but it was so short, i managed to stay put. For some reason even thought i knew it was based on real events i was waiting for something creepy and out of this world to happen, i don’t even know why. But nothing did. This story is plain narrative of a weird event that happen to some guy in Japan. Still, the story talks so much about loneliness, the man himself was such a lonely existence it got me thinking about my *not-so-bright-or-promising* future.

So, although this is a real event, and nothing supernatural happened it got me pretty scared for the rest of the week.



Sick kids on *sickcamp* try to live a normal life even though they can’t (the book in a nutshell). 

This book is about kids suffering from a new kind of untreatable tuberculosis, because of this they are sent to sort of camp, where they are treated until they get better by themselves or they die.

In this wonderful place we meet our heroes, a group of ‘rebels’ who try to live life as if nothing is wrong… or maybe they are trying their best to do everything because, hey, Yolo and they are sort of dying anyway.

I wasn’t planning on reading this book, i just randomly chose it and went with it. Because of that i wasn’t really expecting anything from this book and yet it gave me so many feelings.

First, the fact that the kids were quarantined reminded me of my own time in the hospital. Sure, it was for different reasons, but since then i always felt like i have th the plague and people don’t want me close. Same as these kids who knew that if they did recover from the sickness, people would still be afraid of remission and getting the illness themselves. Obviously my own sickness isn’t contagious, but many people are ignorant.

Anyway, the story moved fast but also in a good rhythm, you don’t have time to get bored. Although at some points it was difficult to read, because of the memories of my own experiences, i find this book to be a great reading.


This book is about a teenage girl finding out that she has a condition called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (meaning that although her chromosomes are XY  her body can’t respond to the androgens) and how when this fact finds its way through all school people start being mean to her. We also get to see her coping with the news herself, not being sure if she is really a girl as her outside looks or a boy as her chromosomes says.

I really liked the book, mostly because the most important thing was Krisi (the main character) going through a self discovery journey, while learning how are  her true friends and who aren’t. Also, there’s a little of romance on the book, but it isn’t much. I mean, to my taste it was the exact amount.

This kind of book, a coming-of-age, are one of my favorites, because it makes you think a lot, even when you don’t have the same problems as the characters, there’s always something that can speak to you.

I think that’s why i loved the book so much, i’ve been trying to find myself for a very long time, and reaading this kind of books reminds me that i’m not alone, sure each one of us have their own personal problems, but we are all struggling to be our truest selves.

Long story short; I loved this book very very much.



I’ve been meaning to read this book for ages and i mean AGES. I bought this book back in 2008 and since then i tried to read this book about 10 times. I could never finish it. Don’t gt me wrong, i LOVE this book, every time i read it i loved it and yet i couldn’t finish it.

Set during WWII, if follows Captain John Yossarian, a U.S. Army Air Forces B-25 bombardier and other soldiers on his squadron based on the island of Pianosa (and as they go about other places in Italy). The story is a satirical telling of the war and the absurd bts of the military.

To be honest, Yossarian is one of my favorite literary characters ever, for some reason his pov resonates with me a lot.

I think the thing i loved the most about this book is the way the author described many scenes, from Yossarian’s pov but still in third person, i mean, i never experienced war like him and yet i felt as if i was there. Also, i felt as if i were on his place i would feel the same exact way.

I suppose this book isn’t for everyone, but it was a long due for me. I’m sure i’ll reread it, from beginning to end a few more times in my life time.



There’s a lot of hype about this book. Since last year i’ve been seeing it everywhere and now even more because the movie adaptation is around the corner (if it isn’t already out).

I bought this book because so many people where talking about it, but i wasn’t sure i’ll like it. I love space and science and fiction, but i don’t read much science fiction as a whole, but it was a pretty much down to earth (more like to Mars really) book, so i figured i could check it out.

So, an Astronaut gets stranded alone on Mars and has to do everything he can to survive until NASA can come back and save him. First of all, NASA has to know he is alive, really. This sets us on an adventure of a life time, a very accurate storytelling based on true facts about outer space and such.

Let’s be honest here, i love the fact that the author did a lot of research for the book, but could you give Mark (the astronaut) a break. I mean… it’s maybe because i read the book super fast, but i felt as if too many bad things were happening to the main character all the fricking time. I understand that in a book stuff needs to happen, so we have the will to keep reading, but as i read it i felt exhausted. Poor guy.

So, yeah, it is a great book, i liked it a lot, but i’m guessing not as much as most people… yet, again, if you didn’t read it yet i recommend it, even more before you go watch the movie! (a must do i believe).



I’ve been wanting on reading this book since it came out on 2010. For some reason i felt i have to read it. What did i know? i was right.

The book is about a boy named Daniel, whom has been reincarnating and remembering his previous lives for centuries. On his first life he meet a girl a thing that marked him deeply. Since then he has been looking for her, as through the ages he felt in love with her.  The girl, Lucy, has no recollection of her previous lives, but feels an attraction for Daniel. As the story develops, we learn about an ancient evil that will try to keep them apart at any cost.

This book has a lot of topics i love, deep and eternal love (without the cheesiness of it), reincarnation, history and totally lovable characters.

Many people complain about the ending, but i think i can live with it, even putting the book as one of my favorites i read so far this year. There’s something very sweet on it i think. Obviously i don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but i’ll say many people were frustrated.

The problem i had with this book is that many aspects of the story i’ve already met on a book i read at the beginning of the year, “Every Day” by David Levithan, which is sort of awkward but at the same time great. I mean a certain ability by one of minor characters from both books are the same and they both use it for their own, not so pretty, purposes.

Anyway, a great book that i loved to pieces.



This book is about a girl named Kat,  new in town falling for her neighbor, Daemon, a boy with a secret (shocking, right?). The thing is the boy, his sister and some other people from town are actually aliens. If i had to really describe it i’ll say it’s a lot like Twilight but with aliens instead of Vampires.

Okay, so i’ve already talked about this book before and how difficult was to finishe reading this book for me. So, i’m really not big on romance, i don’ like or enjoy it most of the time, but the first book of this series for some reason convinced me to read it ad i sort of liked it, so i decided to keep on going with it.

The second book, this one,  i thought i’d like too, but then the cheesiness was way too much for me and so i wanted to drop it most of the time. When i finally finished it, it took me the whole month to get through it and wasn’t sure if i should keep on reading and to be honest i still don’t know if i’ll keep reading the series, so … i’m not sure of anything right now.

And so, those are all the books i read on September! I hope October will be at least as good as this one!

Well, that’s all for now,

’til next time 🙂