To keep reading or not to keep reading, that’s the question

Recently i finished -thank god is over- a very cheesy book. To be honest i don’t like that kind, but for some reason i thought I’ll like this one particular series although most people got excited about it and said it was Twilight with aliens.
Okay, first of all, let’s get over with it from the beginning; in my teen years i read and reread and reread twilight a gazillion times, and i really liked it, which is odd, because i don’t like vampires at all (except the ones from Vampire Academy and that was a surprise for me too). And yeah… Since then I’ve read a lot more and found many books i love better than twilight, but at the time it felt the right thing to read so, i regret nothing. Also, my twilight book is the one that helps me to get out of most of my reading slumps, so…
The thing is, since my twilight phase I’ve grown tired of cheesy and lovey dovey stuff and such.
Basically what i am trying to say is, i have no idea why did i decided to read the first book on the Lux series, other than me liking the idea of aliens living among us, walking among us. I really like the Lorien Legacies series too, sue me.
Anyway, i started Obsidian not expecting much, i just wanted an easy read (i got tired of ending books in tears) something fun, i don’t know. And to be honest i liked the first book an honorable amount. Yeah, it got cheesy at times but i could handle it somehow.
So, seeing it was a fun reading i decided to give the second book a shot too, what could go wrong, right?
What was i thinking?

The second book got much cheesier than the first one, and all the time i was reading i wanted to drop it. But i figured, why not finish it, was already half way through… so i give it a chance…

I went on and off with the book for weeks, until i got the streight to finish it yesterday… when i started the last chapter i was feeling blessed, and so it was until the last few pages… the book ended on a weird sort of cliffhanger that would really bother me if i never know how it got resolved.

And so… now i don’t know what to do, should i read the next book or shouldn’t? I’m like, not sure if i could pull through another whole book, also if i read the third one maybe i should read the last two too, because otherwise that would be sort of foolish… or not…

Oh well, now i have something to think about at work while bored…

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