Silent month

I just realized September is almost over … i can’t belive i haven’t done anything this month… this is so weird. I mean, it’s not as if i had things planned, but normally i find myself at the end of the month knowing i’ve done something special… to be honest, i could have done some fun stuff, there is a convention going on this days close to my home, but all the talks and stuff looks so boring, and so amateurish, … last time i went there it got so boring… yeah, i enjoyed seeing people cosplaying and such, but it’s a one time thing in my opinion… if the panels were more interesting.. or at least they would sell books in english, but no … for some reason this country never brings good stuff in english or translate the good stuff either, so there’s that…

Yeah, well, … i was planning on going to ICon with my new Doctor Who shirt (which i got in the Doctor Who Experience when i visited Cardiff) but now i feel like it’s not worth the time or the bother of having to be around so many people…

Why is everything in this country so amateurish … ?????????????

I remember buying anime&manga magazines when i lived in Argentina, and there were many things they’ll do on weekends, like anime movies screenings and such, and i’ll love to go to that kind of things, … but here there are panels and talks by people who don’t really know the shit they are talking about or they don’t know how to talk to people really and so,… it’s incredibly annoying.

Gosh… this place is so boring, i can’t stand the lack of nerdiness this country has… like, people there are some cool stuff, why do you just keep watching Big Brother?? pick up a book, there are many cool series to read, watch some good tv shows… i don’t know.. i need to find someone like me, because this is getting old…

I think i knew one or two people with potential, but they always want me to watch what they want, and read the books they read and i never get a say, and they are so imposing, i couldn’t keep in touch, i got bored, especially because most of the stuff i didn’t really like.

But i see a lot of people online having great friendships with others that have their same taste in so much stuff, why am i the only one alone? why can’t i fangirl with someone??

Okay… this was not what i planned on saying…

Anyway… i’ll be back… i hope next month will be better.

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