No, no, no and also no.

Okay, so.. It’s Saturday night before my trip, and I’m freaking out. So many things i haven’t done yet, .. I feel all this is a bad idea.. Is this a bad idea?
I wanna go but i don’t, I’ll miss my dog, my baby dog. He is my life you see.. Why did i have to decide about something so much time ago, i can’t cancel anything and i don’t wanna go.
I wanna stay home.
I want a vacation.
I don’t wanna die. Yeah, I know this is again about this idea of me dying… I’m so scared,
What if i get lost? What if i don’t have enough money? What if i get mugged? I’m so scared…
This is a bad idea.. This is a bad idea, this is the worst idea I’ve ever had.
And yet.. Just thinking about doing stuff in London, visiting museums, bookstores, coffee shops… Such a wonderful time, i can have a wonderful time.
Yeah, but what of something bad happens?
Yeah, but what if i get to meet someone i always dreamt of meeting?
No, I’m scared and i cannot believe things will go fine.
I don’t believe it…
I can’t freaking believe it.
Gosh, what a mistake..

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