Almost there…

Only 11 days away from my trip to London, and my dog decided my itinerary looks tasty enough for him to it. So long, Mr. Intinerary. As I started planning this trip almost a year ago, i had  a lot of ideas and stuff i’ve planned, now inexistent, la foto (1)because i’m pretty much an idiot. Why would i have only one copy of that thing?

Say it with me; because Clemence is an idiot. 

So now, i’m having to rearrenge so much, i have to find the previous drafts of the itinerary and try to remember all the stuff i ended up adding…

Maybe now i’ll be able to include a visit to the Summer in the City convention, there are some booktubers i wanna meet (Actually only one is very critical, one of them, i really need to meet, my blood is screaming for it).

Oh, please ignore my stupidity. I just have so much to do now that the trip is so close, i find it stressful and wonder why do people even like to travel. Like, all i do before i go to sleep is think about the possibilities of the airplane falling from the sky leading the passengers to certain death. I had to ask my sister to burn all my notebooks if something happens to me.

Seriously, if i die i don’t want my family to know the stuff i wrote on them. My personal stuff…

By morning my fears seem irrational, yeah, but by night they are all i can think about and then i can’t sleep. Because i keep imagining the nothingness of death and me lying on the coffin, rotting for good.4

Yeah, have i told you i’m a dramatic person?

Well, I am.

For instance, right now, an accident seems plausible, and all i can think is how many books i won’t be reading, how many shows i won’t get the chance to watch… and somehow i find it sad. But yet, i’m not thinking about the people how know me, my family… i wonder if anyone outside of my close family would care…

No, stop. I came here to talk about happy stuff, trips to London and Cardiff, the Making of Harry Potter, Stonehenge (maybe), the change of guard, a chill in the mornings, a little rain on August… on AUGUST.

Yeah… i’m suffering this summer very much, thank you for caring, so the Londonese Weather will be a bless. As i don’t plan on being much outside, i don’t care for the rain (in a bad way..). Pretty awesome really.

The only problem i find myself having really (first world problem) is th fact that i won’t be able to read much. My sister told me not to take books with me.. after all i’ll be out all day, yeah, but before bed? … i really wanted to take some book with me, i’ll be there two whole weeks after all, i cannot not read for that long. I thought i could buy books there actually (which would be awesome) but i don’t know… maybe i’ll take a list of books i may want and then buy some when i’m there…? my tbr list is so extense (about 300 books) that i won’t be able to rememeber all.

Man, i’m never finishing that list.

By the way, I’m also planning on leaving some stuff here …

I have no idea what was i talking about…

Somany things to do, so little time! I’ll better be going, … i have so much to prepare!

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