The US in hUmanS

So… i was reading some heavy stuff about difficult topics, and it got me really hard, like, it got me thinking so much about what are we, what does it take to be humans, why should we care, or not about others. Basically, what i’m trying to say here is… the next post has some intense stuff (at least in my opinion) .. just for the record, the stuff i wrote isn’t just so i sound as the perfect nicest person in this world, but because i truly believe these are things we should think and talk and take care of before it’s too late for us as a whole, a society … a civilization.

I remember, years ago, a  counselor I had, told us about the Rwandan Genocide. I remember it because, until that very moment i didn’t know there were any other genocides apart of the one that happened in War World II. The one everyone knows about.

And i’m not counting the discovery of the Americas because so many people discussed me about how it wasn’t genocide, and also, because i was told many times that saying it was isn’t polite (or something like that , anyway for me it does count, because so many were killed, so many…)

Yeah,  and i mean it, when we talk about genocide, all i can think about is Auschwitz and its infamous sign “Arbeit macht frei” (work makes [you] free).  Sadly, not many people know that the 20th century was the genocide century, meaning there were so many of them it kind of amaze me there are still so many people in this world (alive).

Well, that was until my curiosity got the best of me, the moment i started looking for information i found an awful truth; Humankind is preparing itself to self extinction.

To be honest, death scares the hell out of me, but I guess, realizing we’ve been killing each other since the very beginning is sort of reassuring (?), I’m not the last person to actually die, but we all will at some point, I mean, it’s not as if five minutes after i died someone will discover the cure(a cure?) for death.

So, when realizing this I had to ask myself why, why are we so invested on killing each other instead of finding a common ground to live in peace? – oh, yeah, just so you know, I’m just asking questions here, I do not have a miraculous answer or something like that.

Recapitulating, as we humans, don’t seem to care when others are struggling and fighting for their lives, either because of mass killings or just not being able to bring food to the table, we are condempting ourselves to disappear from earth. We don’t even need aliens to come, conquer and kill us, when they come our planet will be for them to take, so simple.

Still, i keep struggling with the fact that life seems so f*****d up, and yet, we watch it on tv, read it on newspapers and the internet and we keep up with our regular and boring lives as if we never read any of those terrible, terrible things.


I just don’t get it.

When i check the news on the internet, although i have to admit i don’t do it every day (because it’s too much to take), i have this coworker that if i look upset because of what i just read, starts to question why the hell do i even care? “It’s not as if you know them anyway…” she says.

But … isn’t it a normal reaction to care for other humans’ suffer?

If i read about the Rwandan Genocide (i was reading this book called “We wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families”) am i  not suppose to feel something for those how died? They were and then one moment later they weren’t anymore. How can we get pass something that horrible without even flinching because of it. How of all the people i know, no one would care about the killing of inocent people for nothing.

When did we, humans, become so cold? When did we stop to care about others? were their lives less important than yours or mine? These are people that aren’t coming back, their souls gone, for good, gone, forever. Children, adults… so many of them just gone.

And I’m not only talking about Tutis in Rwanda, but people being killed all over the world even now, without a reason. Because, to me at least, there will never be a reason to take some elses’ life. Never.

(yeah, i don’t believe in capital punishment, so…)

I mean, i don’t know, maybe i’m getting it all wrong, maybe our humanness is so messed up, we don’t deserve better. Maybe it’s jsut fine, it’s the way things are suppose to happen to us, because we destroyed our habitats, so now it’s time  we destroy ourselves.

But humans, not as many other creatures on Earth, can think, and elaborate, and make things better (sorry if there are other many creatures that actually can do this, maybe they are way more intelligent than us, they just don’t want to share this with us).

If we can understand we are destroying ourselves, and we can remember the aftermath of so many tragic moments on the history of humanity, why aren’t we stoping all this? If we know where is this all taking us, and it’s not as if magicly the aftermath next time will be rainbows and sunshine, why aren’t we stoping ourselves? Are we so beyond repair that we can’t help each other anymore, is all hope lost?

Man, do i hope we still have some faith and hope on our side… otherwise…

Otherwise, why do we even bother? … is this just a huge waste of our time?

Although i want to believe that if we are still here, if we keep on going we still can make a difference, change our future, hopefully for one better, hopefully for one where we do care about each other, even if we are not in contact, we are all still humans, we are all part of the Humankind.

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