A nightmarish weekend…

I guess I’m extremely tired. This weekend isn’t even over but it wore me out really bad. And I think the worst part is it came after a a bunch of weekends filled with some much i could rest. I feel like I’ve been running for months now without a proper rest.
So, we moved out this weekend, the new apartment was filthy to say the less, we spent the last two days moving stuff, so much stuff (…) and cleaning the hell out of the apartment. Thank god my mother came to help us.
So, we moved this weekend, and the previous two we had to make amends on the one we were living in before, and also preparing everything… My step dad came to help then (i guess the one thing i can’t complain about is my family, they were so extremely helpful), and i had to be withe visitor(…), which basically means my weekend was full with people and so, i couldn’t rest from actually seeing people (i really have the need of disconnect from humanity once a week, at the very least).
Previous to that my aunt came visit from Argentina and i had to take care of my little brother and the family’s dogs while the rest of te famiy went on vacation.
A week of two before babysitting my aunt came to our home for the weekend and my sister was tired so i was the one entertaining her and my mom (;_;) for three days.
So, yeah.. My vacation won’t come fast enough. Now i have to start a new work week. Tomorrow afternoon after taking care of some stuff related to the moving from the Apartament. God, i hate the guy from the previous apartment he is being such a mean person to us, he is making us so much trouble. Why god, why?
Then,… I’m exhausted, my body aches, everything aches. My foot is killing me (i have a bit of a problem with my right leg), I’m in pain and i have nothing to take against it. Also, for so weird reason out of my understanding my sister is screaming in the next room. I should try to sleep if she would just shut up.
Some weird weird stuff going on..
The only good thing about last week was the reading of the book “Miss Mabel’s school for girls” which I’ll be reviewing -hopefully- soon, I’m just without Internet these days. Yeah, right now I’m writing from my iPhone and it is difficult enough as it is. Anyway, the book was great, really lovely.
Okay, so i wanted to write today to apologize for not updating much lately. also because I’m so tired i needed to share it with someone.

Oh yeah.. While describing my horrible weekend i wanted to comment on the fact that today as my sister and me took our parents to lunch as a thanks for the help these past few weeks, while waiting for place in the restaurant i went to a bookshop, next door, and they had Mr. Mercedes, now normally i don’t read that kind of books but i loved this one, but i read it on my kindle and i wanted printed copy but (although I’m like 25 going 26 years old) my mother told me I’m not buying it, that i should stop buying books and send my money in better things. I tried to explain i really needed the book but she would not give back my wallet.
I should catch some sleep. My dog is in my bed with me rift now and although he is a little terrier puppy he caught more than half the bed.
Could it get any more stressful (without a war starting this moment, please don’t).
Good night.

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