The US in hUmanS

So… i was reading some heavy stuff about difficult topics, and it got me really hard, like, it got me thinking so much about what are we, what does it take to be humans, why should we care, or not about others. Basically, what i’m trying to say here is… the next post has some intense stuff (at least in my opinion) .. just for the record, the stuff i wrote isn’t just so i sound as the perfect nicest person in this world, but because i truly believe these are things we should think and talk and take care of before it’s too late for us as a whole, a society … a civilization.
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Miss Mabel’s School For Girls by Katie Cross.

So! here we are with yet another review for a book i recently read. I got a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange of a honest review.

Miss Mabel’s School For Girls by Katie Cross.

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Magic
Pages:  316
Publisher: Antebellum Publishing
Rating: 4 stars

Summary: Never underestimate the power of a determined witch.

Letum Wood is a forest of fog and deadfall, home to the quietly famous Miss Mabel’s School for Girls, a place where young witches learn the art of magic.

Sixteen-year-old Bianca Monroe has inherited a deadly curse. Determined to break free before it kills her, she enrolls in the respected school to confront the cunning witch who cast the curse: Miss Mabel.

Bianca finds herself faced with dark magic she didn’t expect, with lessons more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. Will Bianca have the courage to save herself from the curse, or will Miss Mabel’s sinister plan be too powerful?

My Opinion on the book:

Before i first started this book, i wasn’t expecting much, maybe just a “Harry Potter” wannabe. But the moment i actually started reading i found out it was nothing like what i thought.

Well, yeah, Bianca is a witch going to a magical school. And yeah, in her first day at school she is presented with the opportunity to participate in a tournament (which really reminded me of the Goblet of fire, but just for a moment), but that’s all the resemblances i saw.

The story is about a cursed girl and her attempt to get rid of the curse that is killing her, her mother and her grandmother. The only person able to erase the curse is Miss Mabel, and that’s Bianca’s reason to participate on the tournament. As for that, the tournament itself isn’t very important. To be honest i found the tests quite ‘boring’, per se. Nothing very exciting.

And that’s something that truly catched me with this book. In difference of many others this book is slow passed, except for the tests,  every little thing is described in a very explicit way; like, at every moment i felt as if i could touch or smell the things that were described. The feeling of being in the place, really helped me stay on track of the story.

Also, the place in time of the story was well presented, by the way the girls at the school and the manners you could imagine the time of the story being the  Victorian times, which made it delightful to read.

As for the characters, although they were lovely, i found them a bit flat, the backgrounds and storylines were touched so little, i can’t remember any of them, only Bianca’s storyline. Most of them didn’t get any developments on character. The only one changing a bit was Bianca herself, because otherwise you could develop the story itself. But yet, again, the presented characters were kind and lovely as much as they could be.

A fact that i really liked about the book, is that the story is about Bianca trying to get rid of the curse, yeah, there where other little storylines, but non of them related to having crushes or romances (expect for one, that was pretty important). The girls at school were there to study, and although they were still teenagers, their stories were about their lives in school. As a person less interested on reading books about romance (those books that every two pages people are kissing each other), i found this very refreshing and mostly great.

In conclusion, a good afternoon at home alone reading.

Actually right now i’m looking everywhere for the sequel of this book, because i liked it very much.

After midnight

It’s late and i can’t sleep, not sure if it’s because of the heat, or the fact that i slept all morning, or i just randomly cannot sleep.
I have a song stuck in my head, doesn’t matter how many times i hear it, it doesn’t leave me.
Great, now my dog took my bed, well, to be fair it’s my fault I’m the one laying on the floor…
I freaking hate this weather … It’s so uncomfortable. Whatever people say, summer is the worst thing to ever happen to earth as a planet. I hate the summer, i want cold, winter, rain and snow!
Argh! I’m hot and not in the good way … Not that i believe there’s a good way but that a talk for another time.
My eyes are tired but my mind is super awake…
What should i do…???

Update (?)

So sorry about not being able to update anything these days, … Although i have a lot of free time, i still don’t have Internet at home, so, i can’t work on the posts I’ve been preparing, writing on the phone is so troublesome… Hopefully next Monday the Internet will be back…

no time, no internet, no nothing

These past days have been a nightmare, i don’t have internet in the new apartment yet, so i’m bored and with nothing to do.. i also haven’t had a lot of free time, i’ve been pretty stuffed with so much with all the moving and so…Although i planned so much, i haven’t done any of those things. The reviews i had in mind and all are still to be written, and my room is still to be ordered… i hope will be back soon..

A nightmarish weekend…

I guess I’m extremely tired. This weekend isn’t even over but it wore me out really bad. And I think the worst part is it came after a a bunch of weekends filled with some much i could rest. I feel like I’ve been running for months now without a proper rest.
So, we moved out this weekend, the new apartment was filthy to say the less, we spent the last two days moving stuff, so much stuff (…) and cleaning the hell out of the apartment. Thank god my mother came to help us.
So, we moved this weekend, and the previous two we had to make amends on the one we were living in before, and also preparing everything… My step dad came to help then (i guess the one thing i can’t complain about is my family, they were so extremely helpful), and i had to be withe visitor(…), which basically means my weekend was full with people and so, i couldn’t rest from actually seeing people (i really have the need of disconnect from humanity once a week, at the very least).
Previous to that my aunt came visit from Argentina and i had to take care of my little brother and the family’s dogs while the rest of te famiy went on vacation.
A week of two before babysitting my aunt came to our home for the weekend and my sister was tired so i was the one entertaining her and my mom (;_;) for three days.
So, yeah.. My vacation won’t come fast enough. Now i have to start a new work week. Tomorrow afternoon after taking care of some stuff related to the moving from the Apartament. God, i hate the guy from the previous apartment he is being such a mean person to us, he is making us so much trouble. Why god, why?
Then,… I’m exhausted, my body aches, everything aches. My foot is killing me (i have a bit of a problem with my right leg), I’m in pain and i have nothing to take against it. Also, for so weird reason out of my understanding my sister is screaming in the next room. I should try to sleep if she would just shut up.
Some weird weird stuff going on..
The only good thing about last week was the reading of the book “Miss Mabel’s school for girls” which I’ll be reviewing -hopefully- soon, I’m just without Internet these days. Yeah, right now I’m writing from my iPhone and it is difficult enough as it is. Anyway, the book was great, really lovely.
Okay, so i wanted to write today to apologize for not updating much lately. also because I’m so tired i needed to share it with someone.

Oh yeah.. While describing my horrible weekend i wanted to comment on the fact that today as my sister and me took our parents to lunch as a thanks for the help these past few weeks, while waiting for place in the restaurant i went to a bookshop, next door, and they had Mr. Mercedes, now normally i don’t read that kind of books but i loved this one, but i read it on my kindle and i wanted printed copy but (although I’m like 25 going 26 years old) my mother told me I’m not buying it, that i should stop buying books and send my money in better things. I tried to explain i really needed the book but she would not give back my wallet.
I should catch some sleep. My dog is in my bed with me rift now and although he is a little terrier puppy he caught more than half the bed.
Could it get any more stressful (without a war starting this moment, please don’t).
Good night.