Getting on the crazy train~~!!

So, The Mortal Instruments series is getting a tv show on early 2016, “Shadowhunters”, but the cast is already working on it now, now, NOW.  

I wouldn’t be talking about this stuff if it wasn’t because of the little fact that i’m a HUGE FAN of the series, i can’t quite decide if it’s a guilty pleasure or not, so hey, let’s just say it and be done with this, I love The Mortal Instruments, i really do.  Like, reading it several times a year, love. So of course, being a fangirl as i am.. (a fanwoman?)  i can’t help myself but ehm… go a little bit crazy about all the stuff in the media…

Everything would be just fine, or not, if it wasn’t for the fact that they are posting about it all the time, ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

Okay, show me the cast, that’s awesome! I love it, like, compared to the cast from the movie.. I LOVE IT (well yeah, apart of Godfrey Gao as Magnus Bane in the movie i didn’t like a thing about the film…okay.. maybe Jocelyn and Luke but nothing else!). 

these shadowhunters weren’t what i expected at all…

Anyway, the new cast i think feels more real, because, let’s face it, people on movies never look real, these people, i don’t know, do movie actors really exist? like are they from the same universe i’m from?

Beauty on movies is different than beauty on th shows, that’s maybe why i prefer tv, people actually look as if i could find someone like that walking on the streets or in a store or something. . .

I know some people liked the movie, (?), and they are like “no these new guys aren’t -insert names of characters here – ”  but i’m very happy with the actors we are getting now…

My kind of shadowhunters, this way i can almost like Jace, ALMOST.

Not to mention i already have a crush on everyone, especially Emeraude Toubia and Matthew Daddario.

So, yeah, everything is great, right? RIGHT?

Well, how do i put it…





I know this is complete bullshit, i really know it, but the fact that they are posting something new every single minute, it’s making a lot of people go crazy (myself included).

These past few weeks i would find myself working less and less because i’m too obsessed checking the web every five minutes, because a lot it’s going on in the fandom and on the set.

For some reason every second person i follow on tumblr is in love with Matthew Daddario (and i don’t blame them), and they are posting a lot of stuff, and talking a lot of crap and objectifying the cast a lot, which i don’t know why …

To be completely honest, i understand that we live in the internet era, everything is online a second after it happens in real life and sometimes even the same second it’s happening, but it feels a little as if the producers were making the fandom insane on purpose (…) , until January next year, every possible girl will know not only about the tv show but also about all the books, not only the ones on the Mortal Instruments series, but also The Infernal Devices Trilogy and The Bane Chronicles and the Shadowhunter’s Codex and The Shadowhunter Chronicles and the upcoming Dark Artifices Trilogy… and The Last Hours (??)

I know, … marketing is everything and all that …, but still, i feel as if it’s too much. This thing is stressing me too much… I should take a break from tumblr maybe, take a moment, (reread the books?) take a deep breath, disconect myself from the internet while still possible (reading about virtual lives and so isn’t so out there anymore… ah?).

I shouldn’t be writing this kind of stuff, but it’s not as if i have somebody to say it to, so for now this is my place, the only place i have…

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