May I tell you something? … nevermind, i already forgot…

I can’t believe it.

It feels like only yesterday was April fools’ day, and yet, April is already gone… the month is over.

April has been a busy month, even though i can’t think of any important thing that i’ve done, i feel like i didn’t have time at all. Looking at the fact that i haven’t written in weeks, i’m trying to remember what the heck was i doing, but i’m coming up with an empty mind.

Well, let me just say that my wasted time isn’t the only thing i can’t remember. A few weeks ago i realized i’m having a lot of trouble remembering faces, like, people that i’ve been working with for months, i was sure they were completely new, i also, can’t remember the faces of the people in my psychometry class, i may remember one or two, it’s been pretty awkward, because they say hi to me, and i have no idea, do i know them?

At least i still remember my family’s faces, because that would be just wrong… so, i’m not very preoccupied by it. Also, my friend at work (yeah, i know, it may sound weird, but i only have one…) told me not to worry, she thinks it’s very normal for a person like me to not remember faces, as she put it “it’s not like you look at people while talking to them” … so according to her, i’m just not paying any attention.

Being completely honest, it does sound like me, i’m not only shy but also not interested in people. Yeah, i wonder if it makes me an introvert, shy or just a nasty and arrogant person. I’m hoping it’s just that i’m an introvert…

Well, although i’m not the most social person in the world (…) i do interact with others, even though it isn’t something i really enjoy (unless it’s with a *friend*), normally people bore me (a lot), they all sound the same … i like people interested in something more than theirselves, otherwise a conversation with them rapidly becomes a “me-versation” and i can’t stand it.

I work mostly with shallow, boring people that recur to vulgarities just to have something to talk about… the topic of “50 shades of Gray” was their favorite, and they talked and talked and talked about it for months, also, one of my coworkers borrowed the trilogy to almost everyone at the office, so they had a lot to talk about… , yeah right…., and by the time the heat passed the movie was released and they started again… By now it’s over, but they kept the main topic in mind and it still pops up sometimes…

So, in the jungle that it’s my work place (that’s how it feels like), i found two people to talk to. Which is 100% more than what i normally find… one is my so called friend, the other one is a quite strange pal that i’m not sure if we do talk to each other or not… Anyway, it’s not like i’ll go all by myself to talk to him, i don’t feel like i can talk to people i’m not sure about, so… there it goes…

It’s a weird, weird world… Charlie Brown

So, … what was i even talking about?

Oh yeah, i was talking about forgetting things, i even forgot i wasn’t suppose to go to class yesterday, woke up 5am, went to the campus and then, only then found out (again) that we don’t have class.

Too bad i can’t forget stuff i would want to, like, the endings of Clannad after story,  Eleanor & Park or the Harry Potter series so i could enjoy them all over again… or those things that keep me suffering for no reason, now those i would really much like to erase from my mind…

Well, i don’t know where this was suppose to be going, i started writing it yesterday, and i really can’t remember what did i plan…



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