Digimon, My Birthday & A Busy Week

A new month has started, April is here, which means a new Digimon season is about to start !!

Wait, what?

Digimon Tri Poster A New Digimon series starts this month, Digimon Adventure Tri, it’s sort of a *celebration* because of the original series 15th aniversary.. these news have me through the roof, because even though i didn’t talk about my favorite anime series here (if not not at all, at least not much), Digimon Adventure is one of my eternal favorites, along with Detective Conan, Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, You’re Under Arrest, Oh! My Goddess, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 204o, Soul Hunter & Neon Genesis Evangelion, these are series i watched and rewatched and rewatched so many times, i can’t even remember the number of times… Obviously these are not the only ones i really really love, but they are my childhood favorites,  so i have an especial place in my heart for them… so, now that Digimon is back with my favorite DigiDestined (specially Yamato, Mimi and Takeru) I’m so happy, i can barely wait for it to start already! Honestly, i can hardly concentrate on other things, so now i decided to rewatch the series and watch those i haven’t (aka Savers and Xros Wars), yeah.. counting on the fact that  i turned 25 this week, liking Digimon, may sound a bit weird for the regular pal, but i have been watching anime since i was 8 years old or even before if you count Saint Seiya, although i didn’t like it that much at the time, and i didn’t know it was Japanese, and it’s not something i can just drop.

To be honest, my mother has been thinking i should have quit watching anime when i was 15? 16? but i could never ever stop watching anime, at least not my favorite ones… Anime very much as Harry Potter, The Gospel According to Larry, Peter Pan, The Simpsons, Heroes, Supernatural & The Office are things i will never be able  to let go, even if i don’t watch or read it all the time, it’s so important and such a big part of who i am, giving those up feels as betraying myself.

It may sound silly, mostly because – hey gal, you are 25 now… grow up already- but they are part of my personality, so no, i don’t think i should give up the stuff i love, especially if it’s not in a *natural* way, meaning, if it’s not because i feel it’s the right time to do it, i won’t do it, people can think that i’m an idiot, or whatever as much as they like, but i’ll stay true to myself, because after all, i’m the only one that actually is true with me.

Yeah… as i said before, i turned 25 last Monday, i managed it so people wouldn’t know it’s my birthday, because i never felt that a birthday is a day to celebrate, it’s just an annual reminder that you are getting closer to your expiration day, so no, i don’t like my birthday… Also, why celebrate the fact that people expect me to finally start really acting as a full grown up when i’m totally fine with the way i am.

People should stop trying to change me, it won’t work. I’m not willing to be a certain way just because that’s what expected from me. Actually, this week i met a guy at my work place that seems kinda the same, not afraid of liking the stuff he likes, so you see, i’m not the only one, obviously for some reason most people prefer be another brick in the wall, but luckly enough you’ll find some fishes out of the ocean to relate to too.

Yeah, well… at least that’s what i’m telling myself today… Tomorrow i may be telling myself something completely different, because that’s jus who i am…

any comments?

i think i’ll leave it here for now… i want to go rest a little, i had an incredibly busy week, and today i woke up feeling like crap, but i managed to do all the cleaning i had to do before the weekend tumblr_inline_ncy795zGhN1qen4yd, i’m so proud right now…

Everything will be just fine,

have a great weekend everyone!

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