Reading Neil Gaiman’s books

I started reading Neil Gaiman’s books last year completely by accident. In fact until i read “The Graveyard Book” i was sure he just wrote for little children. Somehow I forgot I watched movies based on his books before and although they looked like it’s for children, they weren’t (Coraline and Stardust).

I’ll say every of his books i read since was an incredible experience. Somehow, the story he presents it’s not the only thing you end up enjoying. The way he writes, the words he uses … it all come together to create amazing worlds. His storytelling is delightful.

And to be honest, not only his writing is great, if you ever have the oportunity, you should also listen to one of his audiobooks, he is the one narrating the stories, and let me tell you, listening to his stories told by him is the next best thing.

I recently purchased his new book “Trigger Warning” also as an audiobook, and  i gotta say, it was such an enjoyable journey, both reading and listening to it. I would much recommend the book, even for people who normally don’t read short stories (me for example, i prefer novels, like,… i haven’t read short stories in years – apart of After The Quake by Haruki Murakami and Trigger Warning). 

For what  understood, some of the stories were already published, some are new, and all of them are great. I personally loved the most “Femenine Endings” which i didn’t read before.

The book, as many others (if not all) of his books have a creepy complement, which makes them best to read (in my opinion) at night time, or when it’s rainning, but that’s just my humble recommendation.

Anyway, i started writing this post a while ago, and i had all these thoughts about making a great recommendation because i think Neil Gaiman is an amazing author, that everyone should at least try once or twice, but i’m lacking the words for it right now.

So, i’ll just leave this here, and if you are looking for a compelling book to read, check out one of his books; you can find a list of all his book in goodreads.

Well, i guess that’s all for now!

Have a great week!!

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