On a train

I really like trains, they are not only faster than buses, they are also, so much comfortable. Also, they will always bring me home. Almost every place I’ve lived in, since moving from my parents’s house was one trip by train away. This meaning also that getting away was one trip by train away… Trains always make me nostalgic, as they stop in places i wish to forget or come back to… So many places…
Today i left work early and went to the train station, i can’t wait to get home already, because only where my mom is, there’s home for me. I could live anywhere but those places wouldn’t be home and they never will.
I’m five stations away now, half an hour and all the crap i had this week will go away. All the unfinished businesses, the promises i made to myself and didn’t go through with, the fight i had with my sister last Monday(she still isn’t talking to me), all gone. That’s the wonder of going home.
I will be free once again, have all my stuff, hug my family, poke my dog until he looks at me as if he wished i went away. I missed them so much, many times i wonder how am I even doing it.
There’s this pal i work with, she loves her family but she doesn’t like going visit, and I’m like HOW? All i want is to be close to home. Actually i don’t visit much because i always suffer from homesickness after i go back to my apartment, and i find it difficult to get over it after, so next week will be really hard on me. But hey, I get to see the only people i kept in touch with ever.
Also, i will be bringing books with me when I get back to my apartment, instead of keep on buying (yeah right, it will stop me from buying more books…) which means at least I’ll be a little less bored/alone. Or so i hope.
Now, going back to talking about the train, … I’m getting a little worried because it started smelling like a gas station here, and it wasn’t like it before… I hope everything is fine. Gosh, I hope everything is okay with the train.
Two stations away now, and my mom called to tell me she’ll wait for me at the station. She never does it. It’s a nice thing to do. I’m getting excited.
I can’t wait to smell the sea from home. We live two streets from the sea, and seeing the Sun setting on the horizon is one of the most beautiful things ever. The sun is already setting down today, so i guess i won’t make it to see the sun disappearing from the living room window.
I hope tomorrow I’ll make it.
Next stop is home.
I don’t know what I wanted to say today, i was just wandering i guess, i just couldn’t keep on reading, i woke up really early and I’m tired, really tired.
People talking, everywhere, talking but for once the noise isn’t unbearable as it always is.
Today is a fine day,
Today is a good day to go home.

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