About Books: Reading plans and expectations


Last year i discovered this great website called goodreads, where you can upload all the information about your reading life, get recommendations, participate on reading clubs and other stuff…
1388802158-1388802158_goodreads_miscThey also have this “reading challenge” in which you decide how many books you want to read this year. Last year i had a bad patch the first 6 months and i didn’t read much, but since July i gained back my reading habits and even though i started my challenge late i finished it pretty well… as i missed the first semester of the year i decided on challenging myself to read only 25 books (the first semester i read only 4 books…)
I was gladly surprised when at the end of the year i saw that i actually read a total of 55 books.
Now, i’m a book lover and i enjoy reading very much (i also enjoy buying books..) but until last year my readings were mostly rereadings, i may have read Harry Potter about a hundred times by now, but last year all but one book (City of Bones) were all new readings, which i found very refreshing, also my list of “rereads” increased reasonably.
1420062833-1420062833_goodreads_miscThis year, as i started a new reading challenge and also started buying books online (making my purchases way less expensive which also means i can buy more books!!) i decided that even though i have way more time than last year to reasd books, and even when i finished reading my first book of the year in the early afternoon of January the 1st, i wrote as my challenge to read 50 books.
My decision was based in two thoughts;
First, i wasn’t sure if i’ll start studying (again) this October, so I have to be prepared to the idea that i may not have so much time as i expected.
Second, if by the end of June i’m close to the 50 (or surpassed it) i’ll raise it to 100.

Now,  knowing that my workplace doesn’t require of me to take my job home or even think about it when i’m not there, i have a lot of free time after hours. Usually i spend it reading or watching anime or other shows or movies… but then there’s also times when after finishing a book i can’t really concentrate on anything else (as currently happening to me after reading The Raven Boys), i tend to have a lot of thoughts about what i just read, the characters and the ideas, and the writing and the authors and at some point my head is so full of thoughts i feel as writer1if it was to explode.  So, when i created this blog i thought of writing about my reading experiences, the problem is.. i’m not really sure how to put my thoughts in words sometimes or how to make them be rational sentences.  So i ended up not knowing if i should write what  i think is a review or just my raw emotions/thoughts or anything at all.

As i’m not even sure if it really matters, i’ll be trying to write every one of those; ideas, thoughts, emotions.. everything.



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