(sort of.. ) Dreaming of London

About two years ago, my mom, my sister and I travelled together – 8 days/3 countries – we visited England (London), France (Paris) and Germany (Berlin). Honestly, i can’t even remember why did i accept to go with them, maybe because i really wanted to travel to England … it went kind of alright i guess, we fought a lot and we didn’t plan anything (also they didn’t want to visit stonehenge {why wouldn’t they!?} and my sister hates museums, so i got to spend about 1.5 hours in the british museum meaning; i only saw mummies).
So we ended up not really enjoying any of the cities… well, i got to admit that for a person like me even if i didn’t get to really enjoy the Louver, 3 days in Paris was enough for me.
The problem was that I, being a huge fan of so many British things as i am, felt like my time in London was kind of wasted away, so last year i decided i’m travelling by myself to London, 2 weeks and visit every place i wanted, this including going out of London for a few days, seeing another cities, and awesome places.
Now, when i decided i’ll do it and bought the plane ticket i was so excited! I dreamt about being there already, i really couldn’t wait anymore! And so, i started planning everything, nothing to be missed; hotel, train tickets, londonpass, tours, etc. Everything was to be planned. I even bought a personalized notebook for my trip.
Everything felt great …
…and then another year started.
At first, even though the trip was a year away it felt so much more exciting! “August next year, August next year, AUGUST NEXT YEAR!” I kept repeating to myself all day, until one day it was all gone, all the happiness it brought to me, it was all gone. I started thinking about how troublesome will be to actually having to fly – alone – when i’m so scared of planes. I could totally say i wasn’t in my right mind when i made the decision. I was clearly insane when i paid for the ticket, and also when i bought the londonpass, what was i thinking to myself?!
So, now i feel stucked with this trip i’m not quite sure i’m able to do all by myself, yeah, i keep thinking of the option of going on a bookstores spree and buy a lot of books, even if it means the suitcase will be so heavy i won’t be able to move it around, i don’t care. I am as obssesed with books right now as i was with London last year, and that’s a lot… if i may say…

Anyway… the fact is the important purchases were already made, and now i’m here, with this trip in my hands. not really sure what may come my way until August,  just know i have 2 weeks reserved for myself, a good cup of tea, some great museums, some intresting sightseeing places and (i hope this time i’ll be able to enjoy) the change of the guards.

(Last time they cancelled on us because “it was rainning”, i gotta say.. if that was rain for THEM... i was spechless, some policemen came and asked from everyone to leave.., correction, they told to some of the people it was cancelled and asked from us to tell everyone else… it was such a weird day, and i say .. it wasn’t rainning, it rained in the early morning, but by the time it was suppose to start it was a grey but clear day, anyway.. how do you tell 20,000 people that may have come just to watch the change to go home?).

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