Cold days and lack of productivity…

Apparently it doesn’t matter the precision with which i make plans, because the universe keeps doing whatever it wants. I had this rigorous schedule planned of how many times a week I’ll be posting, and it sounded great, but the same day i was suppose to start working on it my computer decided to update itself and somehow stopped working. I haven’t had the time to send it to repair yet, so I’m currently working with my iPhone mostly. Very lucky to have it, but all my stuff was on that computer, all the stuff I’d been collecting for years I’m guessing it’s going all to waste…
Anyway, i tried to see this in incident in a bright light, telling myself this will give me more time to read and so… But somehow non of the books on my tbr list seems to catch my attention very much, i have to go to the library, I’m such an idiot i should have taken “after dark” by Haruki Murakami but no, I took this incredibly boring book that I’m still reading just because…
Now my tbr list is actually pretty long, and i only have about 10% of it wih me right now, some of the books are at my parents’s house, and many I’m yet to purchase, but how come I don’t find any of the ones i currently have appealing it’s beyond my comprehension. Like, i have 25 books waiting for me just across my room, and i just can’t bring myself to start reading any of them. These days are nothing but a waste of time really. Nothing went as expected, the first week of the year looked so promising and then somehow everything just went to hell, new year’s what? Resolutions? Did I made a list of those? All I’ve been doing is complaining about the cold, because i couldn’t feel my fingers anymore and my nails were kind of bluish, and staring at my book shelves expecting from the books to
magically become appealing.
…wish me luck

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