of starts and dreams…

i’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now, and i had this idea of starting it the very first day of the year, to make it kind of “special” but i was visiting my family and i couldn’t bring myself to actually do it, so, here i’m now, starting it on a random moment of boredom, nothing special about it, but nevermind.
so, here i am., hi, to whomever will even read this, i’m Clems and i’ll be *trying* to write, actually the main idea was to review books, series and stuff, i realize there are a lot of blogs like that on the internet already, but my mind is too full of ideas, opinions and words that i really need to put down. mmm, should i say something about myself? .. i’m not quite sure, … let’s just say that, as i already said, my name is Clemence, and i am in my tweenties, i enjoy reading books, especially YA literature, although i’ll be trying to extend my horizons this year, reading a bit more books that are out of my comfort zone, i also like manga and anime (very much), my favorite genre is horror… i work in an office and i have a very dull job, i write stories and daydream alot. my favorite place in the world is London, i would like to live there, at least for an year or so,… i dropped from college about two years ago, because i was stupid enough to choose the wrong path, but clever enough to understand it in time, so i could free myself from a life as a teacher, … what the heck was i thinking? i could never be a teacher! well, at least i know now what i DON’T wanna be, and also, later i understood what do i want to study, hopes are i’ll be starting college (again) this october ( i really hope so.. )
meanwhile, and as i wait for life to unravel itself (there’s not point in running anywhere…), i’m doing my best to cultivate myself reading, writing, listening and learning from wherever.
guess that’s all for now,
have a great week!

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